First Case Filed Against Twin Peaks as a Result of Waco Gang Shootout

The Buzbee Law Firm, along with co-counsel, former district court judge Bret Griffin, filed suit today on behalf of Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant, a business immediately adjacent and caught in the crossfire of motorcycle gang members and law enforcement agents on May 17, 2015 at the Twin Peaks in Waco. 

According to the Buzbee Law Firm, Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant was forced to close and was deemed by investigators as a crime scene, despite no involvement in hosting the motorcycle event which ultimately led to the shootout. The restaurant was unable to serve patrons until May 21, 2015.

The lawsuit asserts that Peaktastic Beverage LLC, the owner of the Twin Peaks franchise and its franchisor, were grossly negligent in operating the franchise which ultimately lead to its client incurring damages. The lawsuit further alleges that the Twin Peaks franchisor encouraged franchisees to host and participate in such events.

The lawsuit further claims that, “Twin Peaks’ [actions] involved an extreme degree of risk considering the probability and magnitude of the potential harm to others.” The lawsuit also asserts Twin Peaks routinely and repeatedly ignored the warnings of law enforcement agents solely for the sake of profit. Additionally, Twin Peaks’ greed endangered the lives of hundreds of people and hamstrung neighboring business’s ability to serve patrons.

The totality of the evidence, according to the firm, should be sufficient to hold the Twin Peaks franchise and its franchisor for any present and future lost profits incurred by the closing of Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant and any damages to the restaurant’s property as a result of the shootout.

Tony Buzbee, lead counsel for the Plaintiff, stated: “Twin Peaks didn’t just add gas to the fire, it threw the match. Inviting armed rival gangs to a place where alcohol is served is not only unwise, it is reckless. All of the neighboring businesses are damaged, and Twin Peaks needs to be held accountable.”

Former Judge Bret Griffin, co-counsel for Plaintiff, stated: “We seek, through this case, to make our client whole, and save its business. Our client has had issues for several years with Twin Peaks. They are not a good neighbor.”

The case is “DC Waco Restaurant, Inc. v. Peaktastick Beverage, LLC, et al.” in the District Court of Dallas County. Contact: Tony Buzbee, The Buzbee Law Firm, Houston, Texas 713-223-5393;