First Baby Wipes in the US to Earn Green Seal's Certification for Biodegradable and Plastic Free

Mum and You meets strict sustainability criteria in time for Mother's Day.

Mum and You wipes

The perfect gift for all moms! Baby wipes that were screened for carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, phthalates, parabens, skin sensitizers, and any other toxic ingredients that don't belong near babies' bodies. Only the safest, most responsible, and most effective products achievable today are able to meet this standard. Mum & You is a company built by moms to provide the best for babies. Their baby wipes earned the 2020 Parent Tested Parent Approved certification and in 2021 met all of Green Seal's stringent standards for personal care products, and Green Seal requires baby wipes to be made from 100% renewable material and sets strict sustainability criteria covering everything from raw materials to production to packaging.

Green Seal, a leading non-profit authority on safer and more sustainable products, announced that Mum & You is the first baby wipe product in the marketplace to earn coveted Green Seal certification. "In a marketplace crowded with unregulated claims about the health and sustainability of products, the Green Seal mark helps consumers make healthier, greener choices with confidence," said Doug Gatlin, CEO of Green Seal.

"By earning independent certification to Green Seal's rigorous standard, Mum & You has proven their baby wipes are among the safest, greenest and most effective baby products available today."

Mum and You is committed to making a bigger and more positive impact in the world and the lives of babies by improving the sustainability:

●Compostable plant-based, plastic-free wipes (99.4% water)

● Packaging that is recyclable or made from sustainable sugarcane

● Eco-diapers made entirely free from lotions and latex derived from a certified sustainable
forestry made using chlorine-free wood pulp

● Naturally derived and registered Vegan skincare range for moms

"Becoming a new parent makes you more conscious of the environment you want your children to inherit," said Almudena Rein, Chief Marketing Officer of Mum &You. "What many parents don't know is that most baby wipes contain plastic, and they take up to 100 years to biodegrade. Our Mum &You baby wipes are plastic-free and biodegrade in 15 days. We are a team of mothers who take pride in providing parents with an environmentally safer solution."

The wipes are available through e-commerce on Amazon, where Green Seal-certified products receive Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly badge to indicate the products meet meaningful sustainability benchmarks. 

Mum and You is committed to helping moms, and for each nappy/diaper subscription bought they will be donating to the Mom helping Moms Foundation in NJ.


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