Corey Wesley becomes the first African-American retailer to launch his own brand of gay themed t-shirts, Mu Gamma Mu (

A Leader in Gay Pride Apparel

Mu Gamma Mu provides gay men and the LGBTQ community with high quality apparel and accessories that focus on gay pride, history and principles of fraternal brotherhood.   

Progress in gay rights, same-sex marriage, and equality are the inspiration for Wesley’s brand.  The landscape of the gay community has evolved but with a growing detachment from the past.  1969, the year of the Stonewall riots, was a pivotal time in the gay rights movement and Wesley takes pride in acknowledging that history.

"Acknowledging and celebrating our past is the key to our survival. Losing a sense of pride in our society is a growing trend but I hope with my efforts gay men and the LGBTQ community will unite and take pride in our history."

Corey Wesley, Creator

Gay pride apparel hasn’t evolved since the Rainbow Flag made its first appearance in the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade in 1978.  The pride colors and the flag will always be a part of the gay community but often those colors are only shown or worn once a year, during pride months.

The modern gay male has evolved and Wesley believes the apparel we wear needs to evolve.  He searched and searched for retailers who offered quality gay pride apparel for men.  After searching high and low he realized there was a need for a brand of gay pride apparel that takes pride in history without using the rainbow flag.  He wanted gay pride apparel that could be worn year round.

Wesley’s fascination with history, Greek mythology, principles of brotherhood formed by men in a fraternity inspired the brand’s name, Mu Gamma Mu.

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