Firemask Promotes Smoke Inhallation Prevention and Awareness Releases the RPD60

One of the downsides in the advancements in technology is the heavy environmental footprint of e-waste, but even more potentially hazardous is what happens when our many electronic gadgets catch on fire. It creates smoke

 Firemask Inc. is proud to introduce the latest addition to its family of lives saving fire protection products:  " RPD 60  Respiratory Protective Device'' for first responders.
It is a smoke protecting mask that will allow the user to breathe for ONE HOUR in smoke.  It also comes with heat resistant gloves (300F)
Bruce Victor Allali, CEO of Firemask Inc.,  has no doubt the law enforcement that arrive on the scenes would be able to save lives with the RPD60.
''Most of the time the first people on the scene are police officers and they go into the smoke filled places without protection'' says Allali.
He said the firemask takes up little space, is easy to don and costs just $39.95.

You can find them on Amazon
He said Firemask, a Canadian company, has sold its product around the world for a decade and in North America for the past five years.
“We supply the U.S. Air Force and Canadian Navy,” Allali said.