Fintel Releases December 2020 Insider Trading Report: Consumer Discretionary Sector at Highest Levels Since 2013

Economic uncertainly dimming enthusiasm for consumer and corporate spending while the financial sector sees most insider buying since Q1 2019

Insider Sell/Buy Ratio: Consumer Discretionary Sector

Fintel, a provider of advanced research tools for data-driven investors, today released the December 2020 edition of its Insider Trading Report, a monthly tracker of executive buying and selling by company, industry, and individual executive. The report is designed to help investment professionals identify trends from executive buying and selling that can inform investing decisions.

Among the key findings and highlights from the November report:

  • Total market insider sell/buy ratio is approaching 3.6, up from its bottom of 0.9 in June of 2020. This is the highest level since early 2017, when it reached 3.7 sellers for every buyer. This suggests a negative outlook for the total market.
  • The Financials sector has the most bullish outlook with an insider sell/buy ratio of 1.28. This is up from 0.97 last month and represents a weakening of the outlook for the sector.
  • The three most bearish sectors, Consumer Discretionary, Industrials, and Information Technology, have sell/buy ratios of 5.57, 6.38, and 14.86, respectfully. These three were at the bottom of last month's list, and all three have worsening indicators this month.

"The insider sell/buy ratio of the consumer discretionary sector is at its highest level since 2013, indicating a severe negative outlook for the sector," said Wilton Risenhoover, Fintel's founder and Managing Partner. 

Each month, The Fintel Insider Trading Report identifies and charts the companies, industries, and insiders that have the most insider trading activity in raw dollar volume in the previous 30 days. Indicators include the total number of trades, shares, the average price of the trades, and total value. The report will also identify the industry sectors with the greatest change in insider trading volume and those with the lowest ratio of buying versus selling.

Subscribers to the report can then access the Fintel platform to delve more deeply into a specific company and access historical trading activity, delineate between planned and unplanned insider selling and draw correlations between insider trading activity and stock performance, all to gain a more accurate view of executive sentiment and investment opportunity.

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