Findlay Nicolson - May Suffers Devastating Defeat

Findlay Nicolson - May faces vote of no confidence after crushing Commons defeat derails Brexit deal.

In a historic defeat in the House of Commons, UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been rejected by MPs. Only 202 MPs voted in favor of the deal while 432 voted to reject it. This was a stunning defeat for May who made a desperate last-ditch appeal to MPs to vote in favor of what she claims is the only feasible option for an orderly Brexit.

May now faces a vote of no-confidence in the government which could result in a general election, but analysts at Findlay Nicolson believe it is unlikely that May will lose the no-confidence vote as her Conservative Party will want to remain in power in spite of the Brexit debacle.

May has spent more than two years negotiating the deal with European Union negotiators and has faced an uphill battle to gain support for her efforts. Should the government survive the no-confidence vote, she has committed to pursuing a two-stage approach to dealing with the Brexit deadlock.

May hopes that an agreement on the finer problematic points of the Brexit deal can be reached through cross-party discussions. If an agreement can be reached, the new deal proposal would be delivered to the European Union.

However, with time running out fast, Findlay Nicolson analysts say the European Union remains unwilling to budge on the terms of the Brexit deal. Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator, has once again insisted that the Irish backstop remains in any Brexit deal. European Union officials are demanding clarity from the UK and are preparing for any outcome including the possibility of a disorderly Brexit.

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