Finding the Best Value on Lab Grown Diamonds Just Got Easier with A.I.

Discover the Best Deal in Seconds and What the Lab Diamond Certificate Reports Don't Share.

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The Art of Jewels announced the creation of Zuri™ earlier this year; an exclusive artificial intelligent price comparison tool designed to assist customers when choosing the best deal on a lab grown diamond. Zuri™ compares lab grown diamond prices amongst the country's largest retailers with ease.

Every lab grown diamond has a certificate that is unique to the stone, and this certificate number is laser-inscribed in the diamond, making it easily traced. Most online retailers have access to the same stones. Tracking a lab grown diamond by its certificate number makes it possible to compare prices between retailers, however, it's a tedious process. Zuri™ does the work for you in a matter of seconds. 

If the same lab created diamond cannot be matched, Zuri™ will use over 50 advanced data sets to accurately find a similar lab diamond at an equal or better quality for less, just as quickly.

This is a 2.55 Carat Oval Lab Grown Diamond with up to a $6,282 price difference on the same lab diamond. Simply click on "Compare with Zuri™" and experience a simple comparison in seconds or Watch Zuri™ in action. Once a diamond is purchased, it is removed from inventory completely, however, when this happens, Zuri™ and other AI tools from The Art of Jewels can offer consumers an equal or better replacement within seconds. 

In addition to Zuri™, The Art of Jewels QC Team eliminates buying a diamond with too many flaws that go unreported by IGI or GIA certification reports. Due to the growth process of lab diamonds, they can have different unwanted tinges (brown, grey, green, blue, or mixed coloring). Trusted independent certifications, such as, IGI or GIA do not emphasize tinge. These tinges can make a diamond look darker and will affect the brilliancy and luster. 

In addition to tinges, they don't certify luster or bowties. Therefore, a team of gemologists needs to be on site at the grower or cutter facility to quality check every diamond, this is where The Art of Jewels QC Team comes in. With the help of Zuri™ and The Art of Jewels QC Team, finding the best value on a lab grown diamond just got easier. 

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