Finding Dad - Empress Moriah Is Raising Funds for New York

The lost child of an imprisoned mafia leader, Empress Moriah is raising funds to find her dad in New York. Empress Moriah is working on having legislation passed to release people in prison for certain drug charges. The president has informed her that her dad is in the New York prison, and can be released with the Land Act. The Land Act is a treaty that would exchange thermal electric training.

Empress Moriah is raising funds on Go Fund Me to move from Kansas to New York in efforts to find her real father. At thirty-one years old, the said heiress is working for legislative action that would release people currently imprisoned for drug related charges, who possess genes that are often expressed in those with higher levels of skilled thermal electric sharing. The Empress postulates that these individuals are more in tune to the holistic nature of many proscribed substances.

Formerly Empress Moriah Davis, Empress Moriah Jane Doe, is opening up to the world about her story. The hardships felt on the way to achieving military training in thermal electric sharing were heavily burdened with opposition in her home state of Kansas because of the religious stigmatisms there. Those in support of the Land Act can donate to help the Empress get to her family in New York.

About Empress Moriah

Empress Moriah is the founder of the innovative Cerebralsoft Organization. The Empress discovered thermal electric sharing, and created thermal electric training. Empress Moriah is also an author and artist.