Find Your Purpose Using Science! Blog: Is Kevin McCarthy the Smartest Man in Washington?

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky wrote an article on the probable reason why Kevin McCarthy pulled out of the race for Speaker of the House.

​​Author of Find Your Purpose Using Science, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, wrote an article originally published on The Hufftington Post ( and later on the site of non-profit organization, Intentional Insights, to sate the curiosity and answer the question many people want to voice out on how Kevin McCarthy could have decided to pull out of the race as Speaker of the House. Dr. Tsipursky further discussed what can be learned from McCarthy's "crazy like a fox" decision, evaluating daily activities and matching long term goals.

Dr. Tsipursky is a tenure-track professor at Ohio State University. As a historian of science, he researches the intersection of history, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience, focusing on meaning and purpose, decision-making, emotions, and agency. He is also a science popularizer, a best-selling author, and president of the nonprofit organization Intentional Insights ( His workbook combines an engaging narrative, stories from people's lives, and research-informed exercises designed to help people cultivate a rich sense of meaning and purpose. It also focuses on whether science can answer life's big questions, such as the reason and purpose of one's existence. These questions, as Dr. Tsipursky describes in his work, have become answerable due to a recent wave of research in ​psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and medicine. The findings reveal three science-informed strategies for finding purpose and living a meaningful life.

These strategies are described in his workbook in a much greater depth, with a free book version available at It was published by Intentional Insights, a nonprofit devoted to inspiring people to refine and reach their goals. This nonprofit provides research-based content to help improve thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns. Intentional Insights also offers free online classes, videotaped workshops, blogs, and other content on meaning and purpose, as well as in a variety of other topics.

Read the book to learn more about the three scientific strategies that can help people find their purpose!