Find the Best Inventory of High-Quality Water Tanks at Plastic-Mart offers industry-leading plastic storage and transportation containers that ensure durability when and where it's needed most.

The team at, an online marketplace for water tanks for above ground and underground use, believes there is no room to sacrifice the quality or durability of materials. Plastic-Mart makes it easy to shop for the best plastic tanks for commercial and residential use, with a massive inventory of products sourced from the industry's most trusted manufacturers of storage tanks for water and other uses.

Plastic-Mart offers a one-stop shopping destination where wholesalers and consumers can quickly source the best quality and selection of tanks, including septic tanks, poly tanks, potable tanks, and tanks for rainwater harvesting and emergency water storage.

Central to Plastic-Mart's operations is its close relationships with manufacturers like Ace Roto Mold Tanks, Advanced Drainage Systems, Aluminum Tank Industries, Aquamate Water Tanks, and many more. They also work with professionals in design, mold construction, and tank production. If an ideal size isn't available, Plastic-Mart's in-house engineers can help design a brand new product optimized with completely custom specs. Plastic-Mart can produce any plastic product from a two-gallon pail to a large object up to 16 cubic feet, with a rotational molding process that produces stronger plastic tanks at a significantly lower cost for the consumer.

The rotational molding process starts when the mold is then sent to the plastics manufacturer, who adds plastic resin into the mold and clamps it shut. The loaded mold is placed in a large oven, which rotates it along both axis. The aluminum heats up quickly, melting the plastic resin and coating the inside of the mold evenly. Then, the product cools and is lifted from the mold.

Plastic-Mart's growing line of water tanks and other plastic storage tanks are designed to last and provide purchasers with the peace of mind that they need for long-term storage of potable drinking water and other substances that cannot risk contamination. 

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Launched in 2004, Plastic-Mart is a leading North American supplier of all types of rotational mold plastic storage and transportation containers, as well as custom orders. By working directly with their extensive network of manufacturers, Plastic-Mart can offer wholesalers and consumers a one-stop shopping site, instantly processing transactions that ensure fast shipments and deliveries. 

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Launched in 2004, Plastic-Mart is an online shopping site for all different types of rotational mold plastic storage and transportation containers.

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