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Quality air conditioning maintenance and servicing provides the local people find some relief during the summer months.

Brooksville experiences hot humid summers for months together and the local people realizes the importance of air conditioning machines working efficiently that protects them from the blazing heat. But carrying out a daily maintenance or any kind of repair is not a job of a novice who hardly knows about the mechanism of the air conditioners. While one looks for an air conditioning Brooksville service, Millian Aire Enterprise Corp should be the first stop as they ensure quality servicing and maintenance programs carried out by the experts. Being a family owned and locally operated business, Millian-Aire takes the pride of providing their customers optimum comfort during the hot humid summers.

One of the company's spokesperson says, 'Millian-Aire brings around 75 years of combined experience, and from owners, to office staff to technicians, the value of the Millian family permeates through their company. It was a small start up with just one service truck, but with every passing year, they grew up strong and are now a proud owner of 25 service trucks and more than 30 qualified technicians ready to provide the service at every beck and call. While providing air conditioning Spring Hill service and maintenance for more than a  decade, their work ethics and strong work force gives them the edge over the rest of their competitors in the market.'

Millian–Aire Enterprise Corp are members of the Better Business Bureau and Pasco County Chamber of Commerce. Apart from just doing business they even participate in numerous charitable opportunities in the Tampa Bay area & are a lead sponsor for the annual golf tournament hosted by the JK Cancer Fund, Inc. Not just business, they work together for the greater benefit of the society as well.

About the Company: Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp is a family owned and operated company that offers ac installation Tarpon Springs and Tampa Bay. They also offer a wide range of service that includes air conditioning installation and repair, heating and maintenance.


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We offer air conditioning and heating services that include installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance on all types units and systems. Our technicians are highly trained.