Find Out What Industries Will Be the Target of Website Accessibility Lawsuits by Joining on Jan. 25 logo invites business leaders to attend "Are You Next? Trends in Digital Accessibility Lawsuits", on Jan. 25, 2022, at 1 PM ET, for a comprehensive overview of digital accessibility lawsuits filed in 2021. The event is also set to share perspectives from legal accessibility experts on projections for 2022.

Tuesday's event will review the 2021 legal data surrounding web accessibility and how these trends will shape the web accessibility lawsuit landscape for 2022. The key points for the event include:

  • Exposure by industry.
  • Costs of non-compliance.
  • Baseline compliance levels that organizations should strive for.
  • Recent litigation and settlement agreements.
  • Existing legal trends in digital accessibility lawsuits.
  • Projections for 2022 and the impact on the business/customer relationship.
  • Types of lawsuits and how overlays are bypassed.
  • Leveraging your relationship with the community to build policy.
  • Understanding web accessibility requirements and how they impact your organization.

Participants can learn how they can embrace ongoing enforcement activity as a catalyst for adopting accessibility and the best practices that can benefit an organization's bottom-line and relationship with its customers.

The annual Website Accessibility Lawsuit analysis has shown that New York and California retailers were targeted with the most significant number of lawsuits claiming that their websites are not accessible to consumers with disabilities. The 2,352 lawsuits filed in 2021 and the 711 cases in the fourth quarter are new records in digital accessibility lawsuit filings. Cases were up 14.3% from the previous year—remarkably, more than 56% of all cases were filed by six firms in New York and California.'s legal research team has also identified multiple plaintiffs with triple-digit complaints for the first time in a calendar year. To download the complete report, please click here or visit: publisher John Griffin says, "The numbers are staggering, particularly in the Consumer Goods, Services & Retail industry group, which accounted for 41% of the year's total; however, they are not unexpected. Surprising? No. Alarming? Should be. Companies that serve the American public are expected to know and understand what federal law and common sense require of them." Griffin continued, "Any company that still is not opening its online doors to everyone should not be surprised when plaintiffs and their attorneys try to force the doors open with litigation."

You can click on the link here to register or go to:

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