Financial Writers Society Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

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​​Financial Writers Society (FWS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering networking, collaboration and mentorship, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. 

The tax-exempt trade association, which is open to those with an interest in financial writing, has roughly 150 members. The organization was founded by President Charles Bovaird in August 2014, after several months of fine-tuning the proposed entity.

The nonprofit was incorporated in the state of Massachusetts, later going on to receive 501(c)6 status from the Internal Revenue Service. 

Originally, Bovaird conceived of the organization as a means of helping strengthen connections between those in the field. 

However, he later saw a need for greater integrity in the industry. Since financial writers inform the public, and the information they provide may be used to make important life decisions, they must strive to write articles that are accurate, unbiased and that disclose material information. 

With this in mind, FWS created a Code of Ethics, designed to ensure that members followed appropriate standards when covering the Financial Services industry. 

In addition to establishing these minimum standards for members, the organization has provided its membership with job opportunities, mentorship and a quarterly newsletter named Balance Sheets. 

Going forward, our long-term vision is to improve standards for the broader industry by expanding our membership and, eventually, creating certifications specifically for financial writers. 

About Financial Writers Society
Financial Writers Society (FWS), a Massachusetts-based 501(c)6 trade association, aims to improve industry standards and provide members with opportunities to network, collaborate and support each other. We aim to be the principal voice, chief advocate and go-to resource for financial writers everywhere. Currently, our members are located in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

The FWS community encompasses financial writers spanning the full spectrum in terms of careers - as well as levels of experience - from veterans writing for top publications such as Forbes and Bloomberg to well-established authors to entrepreneurs just embarking on their careers. Not only does FWS foster professional development and collaboration, but we also connect job seekers with hiring managers, editors and producers of content.

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About Financial Writers Society, Inc.

Financial Writers Society aims to improve industry standards and provide members with opportunities to network, collaborate and support each other.

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