Financial Publisher Unveils 'The Profit Sector'

A New Way Forward for Financial Publishing

Today marks the launch of The Profit Sector - an inspiring new website and newsletter dedicated to the total empowerment of the retail investor. The Profit Sector provides all of the financial and investing analysis needed for investors to take control of their financial freedom. 

The Profit Sector editors and analysts have one duty: to provide their readers with the absolute truth about preserving and growing their wealth - with no hype and no personal agendas. 

"After spending almost two decades in the financial publishing industry," says Samuel DeCroes, founder and publisher of The Profit Sector, "I saw firsthand how easy it is for people to get lost in the information overload of the financial markets." He added, "I decided it was time to gather a team of proven, market-seasoned investment analysts, each with a unique perspective to guide investors toward the most profitable opportunities and avoid pitfalls in their portfolios."

Research for The Profit Sector comes from analysts with decades of experience in the financial publishing arena under their belt. Each editor has navigated the market through boom and bust cycles - from the Dot Com bubble to the financial crisis of 2008 to the pandemic and inflationary period we're going through right now. 

At each point, The Profit Sector analysts have kept cool and ensured their readers made level-headed decisions to protect and grow their wealth - without resorting to gimmicks and bluster. They've all brought double, triple, and quadruple-digit gains in the process.

Chief Investment Strategist Jimmy Mengel said the following:

"I've never been more excited to share my investment research. The Profit Sector allows me to write and recommend investments the way I would with my family and friends. 

"I think that should be the ultimate goal, and I aim to ensure we treat our readers as family and friends. And, of course, make everyone very wealthy in the process.

"After all, we're human beings with financial needs, and we're all in this together. I assure you that The Profit Sector will meet those needs, and provide a framework for us all to thrive."

The Profit Sector offers free, daily analysis of what to do - and what not to do - while investing. The Profit Sector also offers a stock-of-the-month service - The Profit Sector Monthly - that brings readers an under-the-radar stock that can anchor a portfolio in good times and bad.

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About The Profit Sector

The Profit Sector is your personal space for demystifying the stock market and thriving in any environment. Bull markets, bear markets, recessions, and booms… they’ll be a part of our lives forever. We aim to simplify your investing and ensure short and long-term returns without resorting to the whack-a-mole game of today’s investment fads.

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