Finance Fund Capital Corporation (FCAP) and the Healthy Food for Ohio Program Brings Fresh Food Access to Vinton County

Grand Opening of Campbell's Market

​For nearly four years, the only option for over 13,000 Vinton County residents to buy fresh produce, meat, dairy and other healthy foods was to travel many miles to another county.  That obstacle has been remedied by yesterday morning’s long-awaited grand opening of Campbell's Market, a new full-service grocery store located at 630 W. Main Street in McArthur, Ohio.

The new store is the result of a collaborative effort among many partners, including local community members,  the Campbell family, Finance Fund Capital Corporation (FCAP) and representatives from local, state, and federal governments.  FCAP, a statewide community development financing institution, provided funding for the project through its Healthy Food for Ohio (HFFO) program.  The HFFO program is Ohio’s first ever statewide healthy food financing program and provides flexible financing to eligible rural and urban healthy food retail projects in low-income, underserved areas throughout the state. Through this program, Campbell’s Market received nearly $1.6 million to build the 12,000 sq. ft. full-service grocery store. The store has already attracted additional businesses, created over 30 jobs for local residents and is improving the quality of life for this community.  

Today, we get to declare the food desert in Vinton County over!

Steve Stivers, U.S. Representative

Speakers included:

  • Campbell’s Market's owner, Beth Campbell
  • Finance Fund Capital Corporation's President and CEO, Diana Turoff
  • U.S. Congressman Steve Stivers (OH-15)
  • Ohio Senate President Pro Tempore Bob Peterson (R-Sabina)
  • Ohio House Finance Chairman Ryan Smith’s Aide, Cameron Garczyk (R-Bidwell)
  • Public Affairs Liaison with the Ohio Treasurer's Office, Jamie Barker
  • Southeast Ohio Regional Liaison for the Governor's Office, Kathleen Young
  • Representative of the Board of Vinton County Commissioners, Tim Eberts

U.S. Representative Steve Stivers exclaimed, "Today, we get to declare the food desert in Vinton County over!" as he thanked a gathering of community members as well as the Campbell's family, FCAP’s President and CEO, Diana Turoff, state Representative Ryan Smith and state Senator Bob Peterson. 

The Campbell’s family will be continuing the celebration by raffling off a 55” TV and 25 bags of groceries towards the end of the week. 

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Source: Finance Fund Capital Corporation

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