Finally, There is Now a Cure for Male Pattern Baldness

Dr Robert Nettles has discovered the chemical imbalance that causes hair loss and can now reverse the process.

Finally - The Cure For Hair Loss

After 25 years of dedicated research, development and clinical treatment, Dr. Robert Nettles (initially a hair transplant surgeon who himself suffered from androgenetic alopecia) developed a new generation of precision medicines that are personalized, proactive and reverse the hair loss process in what is the most revolutionary medical breakthrough of our time.

Why was Dr. Nettles able to make this discovery when so many others have tried and failed? As Plato says, “necessity is the mother of invention.” 

"At a young age, I saw first my father, then older brothers thin, then bald. Deducing a similar future for myself, I started researching genetic inheritance patterns and DNA, later training in hair transplant surgery, including working alongside pioneers of the FUE method. I soon realized that transplants do not stop the progress of hair loss, and had an AHA moment when discovering that just as we now know good and bad types of cholesterol, so testosterone also has good and bad components, and the ratio between them would lead to my ultimate discovery of precision medicine."

The difference between Dr. Nettles' approach and what others are working on is focus.  While everyone else is caught up trying to treat the symptoms or clone the hair follicle — Dr. Nettles has been laser-focused on discovering, then resolving the root cause of hair loss (an inherited chemical imbalance within our bodies).

Precision medicines based on DNA are at the forefront of medical innovation in every aspect of healthcare. Dr. Nettles creates the precise medication solution that restores healthy balance and optimizes individual chemistry based on each person’s unique DNA, thereby stopping hair loss and regrowing thin hair.

This discovery and its treatment did not happen overnight. Dr. Nettles has been researching, developing and perfecting his treatment over the last 25 years. He now has 9 years of successful clinical treatment of hundreds of patients under his belt to prove it.

The biggest challenge for Dr. Nettles? “Marketing — the US does not require truth in advertising for non-FDA approved products. Anyone can say their product cures hair loss or regrows hair as long as it does not penetrate our skin and change anything. There are thousands of products spending millions of dollars on marketing saying they cure hair loss, when in fact they do nothing at all. Stop and reGrow uses only FDA-approved active ingredients and we don’t inflate prices to spend large dollars on advertising. Our goal is to ensure our program is affordable for as many men as possible."

Why can they trust Dr. Nettles? There is no risk in trying his program. He is so confident it works, he offers a money-back guarantee. If, after 12 months on the Stop and reGrow program, accepted candidates have not seen their hair regrow as promised, he will refund 100% of the money they spent on the Stop and reGrow medicines.  

Media Contact: 
Tracey Bowyer 
Phone: 310.601.4778 

Source: Stop and reGrow by Robert Nettles MD

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Introducing the cure for Hair Loss. Stop & reGrow uses precision medicine to rebalance an inherited chemical defect within our bodies to stop hair loss then regrow thin hair. It is so successful it comes with a 100% money back guarantee on results.

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