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Slickspaces Technologies Wins a Top Prize in 2017 BC Innovation Council New Ventures Competition

Best Check-in Experience I've Ever Had

Slickspaces Technologies Inc., a Vancouver tech start-up that has developed the world’s first property automation platform for short-term rentals, is awarded the third-place prize in the 2017 BC Innovation Council (BCIC) New Ventures Competition.

As first time participants, Slickspaces competed against 186 start-ups in British Columbia’s premiere tech competition, with winners representing some of the province’s best and brightest innovators.

“As a new start-up, we are incredibly honoured to receive a top prize in the BCIC-New Venture Competition,” says Michael Driedger, co-founder of Slickspaces. “The education, mentorship, and networking available to us as a participant has been invaluable in accelerating our business and bringing our software as a service solution (SaaS) to market.”

Slickspaces’ property automation platform allows for 24/7 keyless and fobless entry into buildings and units by creating a unique passcode for each short-term rental guest for the duration of their stay, providing a convenient and secure access solution. The platform is configured for building intercoms and smart locks leveraging trusted brands like Weiser, Yale, and Samsung. Developed to ensure reliability, this robust platform eliminates technical barriers, such as an app, that could pose challenges to prospective guests.

“As the key to the evolution of the short-term rental market, Slickspaces levels the playing field by providing the ability to remotely manage multiple properties across cities and even countries,” says Mathew Hunter, co-founder of Slickspaces. “By leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) through automation technology, it enables what was previously impossible.”

Several short-term rental properties in Vancouver, Victoria, and Montreal are already employing this platform to great success.

“Slickspaces saves time and money as it eliminates the need for someone to meet guests in person,” says Nancy Paine, property manager and CEO of Spacehost. “This is where the marketplace is going with innovative products like Slickspaces that puts the guest experience in their own control. Guests can arrive at their own leisure as they know they can rely on the software to get them into the building and not have to worry about it.”

The automation platform also integrates with smart thermostats and light switches attaining up to 20-30 percent energy savings. For example, it has the ability to link these switches to the smart door lock, allowing for cost savings when the unit is unoccupied.

"The difference in units where I have Slickspaces' technology is night and day. Before I was getting frustrated phone calls from people having trouble getting into their unit. Now I get courtesy calls to tell me they had a good time and will be back. I can't tell you what that means for both guest and property manager," says Thomas Dabarno, HostKick.

Slickspaces integrates with Property Management Systems such as Guesty, and uses hardware specifically configured to its proprietary cloud-based software. The company is currently working on the development of additional features to even better serve the travel sector.

About Slickspaces

Slickspaces is an innovative tech start-up that has developed the world’s first property automation platform. This software as a solution (SaaS) provides short-term rental property managers and owners time and cost savings that are needed for greater business success. Through the integration of property access and energy use technology, Slickspaces’ automation system is poised to become the leading software for short-term property management. For more information visit 

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Michael Driedger
Phone: (778) 713-0528

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