Finally, Marble Countertops in Your Kitchen Is a Reality with Tuff Skin

Tuff Skin Marble Protection is a state-of-the-art natural stone lamination which protects marble, onyx, travertine and other stones against acid etchings and stains, permanently. It works great on new or existing countertops in your home or office.

Have you avoided installing marble countertops in your home or business do to fears that it would be stained or permanently ruined? Put your worries to rest! Tuff Skin is a state-of-the-art natural stone lamination which protects marble, onyx, travertine, and other stones against acid etchings and stains, permanently.

Tuff Skin was developed in conjunction with DuPont and is guaranteed to keep your countertops free of unsightly damage caused by wine, lime juice, acidic fruits, and other agents.

Typical stone sealers simply buy you time on stains. They are unable to protect exotic stone from etching and are not stain-proof. But these problems can be prevented with Tuff Skin Surface Protection. Industry experts such as Architects and Interior Designers, and specifiers can now expand their design capabilities by using exotic, natural stone and no longer worry about potential damage to it. Existing bar tops, countertops, and other surfaces can have Tuff Skin installed on it.

There is currently no other product available to the consumer that accomplishes what Tuff Skin can. This revolutionary product has already been used by large hotels, restaurants, bars, and residential customers as well. This product will not affect the translucency of backlight onyx bars, and has UV protection for exterior applications.

Tuff Skin is also highly cost effective as compared to stone refinishing. Moreover, this laminate is heat resistant up to 1200 degrees, and can be easily cleaned or polished with a dry micro-fiber towel. The laminate is completely transparent and enhances the depth and color of the natural stone while simultaneously protecting it.

Tuff Skin is a proprietary product which was developed through years of careful testing and formulation. It is a four mil sheet of high tech polyester, which is nearly invisible to the naked eye. Tuff Skin is unique in that it is gas permeable which allows the stone to breathe naturally and prevents liquids from penetrating its surface. As a result, the Marble Institute of America chose to endorse our product and system of protecting exotic stones.

We invite you to contact us online at or to call 305-323-8149. Tuff Skin is wonderful for existing or new construction in your home or business.

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