Finally..Essential Oil Enthusiasts Get Their Own Movie.

Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils Feature Film

Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils, the world’s first feature length film about essential oils, examines the history of essential oils and how they have shaped countless cultures, including the United States of America.  The film includes interviews with medical doctors, philosophers and research scientists discussing the history of distillation, the importance of the spice trade and why Frankincense and Myrrh were given to Christ.    

The film is receiving critical praise on social media calling it “A brilliant film!” and “A masterpiece that will educate people on the importance of essential oils in the world today.”

"A compelling film for anyone wanting to know more about essential oils."

Rich Praytor, Director

The feature film journeys into the past and discusses how the ancient Mesopotamians used essential oils, the different ways Egyptians distilled perfumes, and why essential oils will never be classified as a drug by the FDA.    

The film’s director Rich Praytor and producer Beverly Banks have spent the last two years interviewing experts and tracking down research about essential oils and the role they have played in both history and the health industry.

“What we have discovered is truly fascinating,” Praytor said, “herbs, perfumes and essential oils have played a major role in civilizations from the beginning of time and their secrets have been lost.  This film will shed some light on how powerful they are.”

One of the highlights of the film shows footage of someone inhaling essential oils while being hooked up to a 3D brain scanner.  “We saw how different parts of brain light up when smelling certain essential oils,” Banks added, “there is definitely evidence that essential oils can have an effect on the body in ways never thought possible.”   

There has been a growing controversy between a few essential oil companies and the FDA since people have been making claims that these essential oils can cure cancer, kill the Ebola virus and even help with mental illness.     

Essential Oils have grown in popularity over the last two decades with major retail outlets like Whole Foods, Target and Walmart beginning to carry essential oils.

For more information about Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils and to view the trailer, visit:

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