Finally, Ear Plugs Designed for Exactly What Every Student Needs Them For!

Innerpeace Ventures introduces Chill Box earplugs!

For many students, noises and distractions can be a constant. Between noisy dorm life, busy common areas, or on-campus concerts, sometimes it’s simply impossible to escape the commotion of it all, leading to lack of sleep, poor grades, and other unnecessary hurdles. This is where the Chill Box Ear Plugs come in.

Manufactured from premium Moldex foam by Innerpeace Ventures, the Chill Box plugs offer incredible decibel protection, up to NRR 33. Since launching earlier this year, Chill Box plugs have quickly become one of the most popular options for hearing protection among students and youth due to their excellent price, amazing quality, and premium value. The plugs are also designed with a wide flare on one end, making it impossible for them to fall out during sleep or any activity.

Big help studying! I give this 5 stars!

Adam B., Amazon Reviewer

Customers have given the product near universal praise on, with many reviewers hailing the plugs for their amazing diversity, matching any need a student or youth might require ear plugs.


Innerpeace Ventures.


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