Filterbuy Launches New In-Home Services in Southeast Florida and Central Alabama, Beginning With Air Duct and Dry Vent Cleaning

Will Soon Expand Service Access Across the United States

Filterbuy, the premier supplier of air filters for commercial and residential customers, announces new "Filterbuy Local" services, providing on-site air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning to home and business owners. Filterbuy will initially offer these services in Southeast Florida and Central Alabama, but will soon expand service access across the United States.

"We are extremely excited to roll out Filterbuy Local services, starting with air duct and dryer vent cleaning," said David Heacock, Founder & CEO of Filterbuy. "We have always been dedicated to providing our customers with the best air filters on the market, which have already improved the air quality in their homes or businesses. With the addition of on-site air duct and dryer vent cleaning services, Filterbuy is giving our customers one-stop shopping for all of their indoor air quality needs."

These services come at a time when air quality is of increasing public concern over the COVID-19 virus. A September 2021 report by the World Health Organization highlighted the importance of clean air, as yearly exposure to air pollution is estimated to cause seven million premature deaths, reduced lung growth in children, and strokes in adults. This puts the burden of disease from air pollution on par with more well-known threats like tobacco smoking and an unhealthy diet.  

Filterbuy Local premium air duct cleaning services offer customers access to widespread dust, dander, and debris removal from their heating and cooling systems. With equipment six times as powerful as the average household vacuum cleaner and HEPA filters, customers can expect hospital-grade cleaning and sanitation. For more information on Premium Air Duct Cleaning, please visit

Filterbuy Local premium dryer vent cleaning services allow customers to properly maintain their at-home dryer by removing excessive lint, debris, and other dangerously flammable materials. Debris-clogged vents continue to be a leading cause of dryer and residential fires across the country, causing an estimated $35 million in property damage each year according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Filterbuy Local's dryer vent cleanings ensure thorough dryer duct inspection and cleaning using industry-leading equipment, trained technicians, and safety in mind. For more information on Premium Dryer Vent Cleaning, please visit

"Filterbuy Local is a natural extension of the air filter products that we already provide today," Heacock said. "Too many times with home service companies, customers don't know what to expect - and worse, they don't even know what they're going to pay. We're changing all of that. That's why we launched an online quoting tool at to offer instant quotes with a pricing guarantee, so you don't have to waste time with phone calls or scheduling visits."

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Filterbuy is a family-owned and operated commercial and residential air filter manufacturer with facilities in Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Utah. Founded in 2013, Filterbuy's mission is to offer premium products at a competitive price. The company currently offers over 600 different air filter sizes and employs a dedicated group to create fully customized solutions. All Filterbuy products are proudly made in the USA, produced by a team of nearly 1,000 employees. Filterbuy offers free shipping to the continental United States for every order. For more information, visit

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Kiran Mathura
Director of Operations | Filterbuy

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