Filmmaker From Paradise, CA Releases Acclaimed Camp Fire Documentary

"All Its Name Implies" Official Poster

Paradise High School graduate and four-time Emmy Award winner Ev Durán released his feature directorial debut to audiences worldwide this month. The film is a documentary entitled “All Its Name Implies,” and it focuses on the resilient residents of Paradise, California as they attempt to rebuild their beloved community in the aftermath of the devastating Camp Fire in November of 2018. The film is available for rental or purchase exclusively through Vimeo on Demand, and at least 65% of all money raised will be donated to charities that directly benefit the people of Paradise and the surrounding areas.

“All Its Name Implies” was initially shown to audiences at three advanced screenings; one in Chico, CA, one in Paradise, and one in Sacramento, CA. 100% of the money raised from these events is also being donated to local charities. After the success of these screenings and the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the film, Durán was eager to make the film widely available online.

The film features interviews with over 40 residents of Paradise and other local leaders, as well as heart-wrenching escape footage captured by distraught evacuees on that fateful day of the fire. It follows several Camp Fire victims throughout their highly stressful and ever-evolving experiences; before, during, and after the fire, including Durán’s mother and uncle. Durán and co-producer Monique Birtwell began work on the film almost immediately after the fire, with no budget to speak of. Several months into the process, the Paradise Rotary Foundation generously granted Durán $15,000 to complete the film.

Now, Durán hopes to use the film to raise continued awareness and funds for his hometown. Through the three screenings and early online purchases, “All Its Name Implies” has already raised over $10,000 for Paradise, and Durán is confident that number will continue to rise exponentially, particularly as the film is submitted to film festivals around the world.

Those interested in learning more about the film and the challenging production process are encouraged to visit the film’s website ( or follow the film’s Facebook page (

For any further inquiries or information, please contact Ev Durán. Thank you.

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