Filmmaker and Actress Ina Rose Farestad to Screen Her Debut 'Stand by Her' at Festival De Cannes Short Film Corner in May 2017

Swedish actress and director Ina Rose Farestad has just completed post-production on her writer/directorial debut, "Stand By Her"

Stand By Her

Together with American co-director Peter Mackie and Belarusian producer Kseniya Yorsh, Swedish actress and director Ina Rose Farestad has just completed post-production on her writer/directorial debut, the live-action short comedy "Stand By Her,” and they are taking it to the French Riviera, where Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner takes place at the end of May 2017.

The film, which tells the story of a heartbroken woman dealing with the aftereffects of being betrayed by the love of her life, explores the moral dilemma of bystanders staying silent or taking a stand.

Farestad, who has starred in made-in-Hollywood productions such as the sci-fi web series “Galactic Galaxy” and the feature film "The Heart of Us,” felt an urge to tell this story. “In a time where it all seems to be about defining oneself in relation to a significant other, we tend to forget about ourselves and our friends, which are just as important."

Yorsh — whose producer portfolio includes more than 15 live-action and documentary films, including award-winning “Love in Porn” (69th edition of Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner), “Unorthodox,” “Visitors,” as well as other films showcased at festivals in the US, France and Germany — was attracted to the film because of its themes of female empowerment, standing up for each other and togetherness.

Award-winning director Mackie, whose previous work includes “Panofsky’s Complaint” and several other films showcased at festivals in the U.S. and Greece, saw the film as an opportunity to apply his artistic eye and collaborate on an important story that is also different than the male-driven, dramatic films in his portfolio.

Principal photography took place in Los Angeles in October 2016 and was made possible by a multinational cast and crew, representing eleven countries, that converged for the shoot. Award-winning cinematographer Dhruv Lapsia was tied early on to the project and lensed the film. He also color-graded it just before returning to his home country of India to work on film projects there.

Alongside Ina Rose Farestad, Danish actress Rebecca Jensen, known for “The Black Cat Cabaret” and “The Red Thread,” also headlines the production.

Farestad and Yorsh previously worked together on the short film "What's Next?" that went on to more than 10 film festivals as their Official Selection and Nominee. “Stand By Her” marks the first collaboration between Farestad and Mackie. Together with Yorsh and Jensen, they will be promoting the film at the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival to be held in May 2017. A screening of Stand By Her will be held on May 26 at 4 p.m. in Palais F.

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