Gains 800 Million New Movie Critics With Facebook Integration takes their movie social networking site to the next level by integrating with Facebook, allowing member to instantly share reviews, ratings, recommendations and more.

When it comes to movies, ask yourself, whose opinion matters more: some holier-than-thou critic sitting in an office somewhere or the friends closest to you that you actually trust? Now you can instantly get the feedback you want, or provide your own opinion. gives you all the tools you need to instantly update your Facebook friends and truly embrace your inner critic. has, since its inception, been the go-to website for creating unique custom movie lists along with rating and reviewing the latest movies. It also provides easy access to new movie trailers or viewing the best movies of 2011. While an excellent social networking experience, up until now it was limited in scope. That has changed. By integrating with Facebook, your experiences can be shared with the world's largest social network with the click of a button.

" has always been about providing users with the best possible movie social networking experience," said Alex Olson, CEO. "This integration expands that experience and allows friends to truly connect with each other."

With real-time updates on rating and reviewing a movie, you can quickly receive comments and feedback on the film you just saw. You can offer up your own counter-review if you prefer. Best of all, you can tell your friends what movie you just saw, even if you just walked out of the theater. Once you log in using Facebook, your film reviews, ratings or movie you recommend is added to your social timeline. Your friends can comment on them or head to to create their own top movie list.

Unlike other websites, which offer status updates but skimp on the social experience, provides the tools necessary to craft a complete social networking experience. Fostering a strong community has always been a key aspect of the site, and now that community has the potential to gain hundreds of millions of new members - all sharing their own opinion.

While providing these features, one thing does not want to do is disappoint users. One of the biggest annoyances people can experience is their Facebook social timeline being filled by unnecessary clutter and a stream of unwanted updates. That's not about to happen. Users control exactly what does and does not get posted to their profile; they can easily change these settings via their account. The integration eliminates the need to complete any forms in order to begin rating and reviewing movies. With a Facebook profile, you have full access to the site.

By joining forces with Facebook, is poised to become the premiere destination for movie fans. They have combined a robust movie social networking experience with the world's most popular social timeline. Users will now be able to share their film opinions like never before.


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