Filmbeef Reacts to Ben Affleck Directing Batman and Tom Holland Being Spider-Man

In a Moo News episode of the Filmbeef podcast, Ryan and Phil share their thoughts on the latest Hollywood news and rumors. - Phil comes back from vacation for the week to join Ryan to discuss what Jason Statham's place in Fast & Furious 8 might be. Ryan believes the franchise will eventually land in space.

Ryan and Phil talk about whether they're happy Star Trek 3 is finally filming. With Justin Lin in the director's chair and Simon Pegg in the writer's room, this could make for a very different Trek movie. 

Speaking of Chris Pine, he's not only going to be in Wonder Woman, but he's rumored to be a Green Lantern amongst several others in his own movie.

Finally, DC and Marvel unknowingly battle yet again for the biggest news. First, Ben Affleck is rumored to direct the next Batman movie, and both hosts are very passionate about this idea. And on Marvel's end, they've finally cast their Spider-Man in Tom Holland. Virtually unknown, the guy's give their thoughts on the actor.

Tune in next episode where the guys review Will Smith in Focus.

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