Filipino Marian Visionary Claims Third Secret of Fatima Is a Dogma Declaring Mary as God

A Marian visionary from the Philippines claims the first part of Third Secret of Fatima is a Marian Dogma declaring Mary as God and the second part pertains to the suffering of the Pope of Fatima and the animation of the Antichrist.

​A Marian visionary from the Philippines claims that the Third Secret of Fatima is a Marian Dogma which declares Mary as God.  Dominic L. Sanchez alleges that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him in a vision in the early 1990s and thereafter revealed to him the mystery of the Third message of Fatima, better known until present as the "Third Secret". The self-claimed Filipino Marian visionary says the Third Secret is composed of two main parts. One part, according to Sanchez, is the Marian Dogma - a Dogma of Mary's Divinity.  Sanchez claims that it was revealed to him that "Mary is God. She is not another God nor a fourth person of God. Rather, She is the same God that The Most Holy Trinity Is. She, Mary, is the Most Holy Trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Most Holy Spirit, One God."

The second part is the suffering of the Pope who will perform the Consecration of Russia.  Sanchez refers to this Pontiff as the "Pope of Fatima".  Sanchez warns the Antichrist will take over the Pontificate right after the murder of the Pope of Fatima. The Filipino Marian visionary further states that The identity of Our Lady’s Pope, the one who will Consecrate Russia, was also revealed to him. he knows his name and nationality, and he saw his face. The visionary saw the future Pope's consecration and says it will precede the Consecration of Russia.

In 2000, Pope John Paul II made an official reading of the purported secret. However, a considerable number of Catholics has continued to doubt the 2000 version.  Several Church scholars questioned the consistency of Rome's 2000 version with what has already been revealed in previous decades regarding the mysterious Marian message.  The Catholic Church denies claims that it worships Mary as a goddess and dismisses claims of Marian Divinity as modern form of Collyridianism, an ancient sect of Christians who worshiped the Blessed Virgin Mary as God.

Sanchez, in his own words, also claims that "The Antichrist will be animated through the dead body of a Saint – a martyred Pope. His reign will begin with the assassination of the Pope of Fatima, will last as the long interregnum that follows, and will end shortly before the Pope of Fatima is finally laid to rest. The reign of Our Lady’s Pope will be even shorter than the interregnum that follows his own death."