Fighting Pollution & Poverty: Eco-Minded BDTDC Adds 200 Full-Time Jobs to Bangladesh Economy

Website Educates, Promotes And Supports Manufacturers That Follow UN Guidelines To Create A More Sustainable Future For Bangladesh And The World

Founded in 2015 by Kazi Ahmed, the Bangladesh Trade Development Council (BDTDC) is a B2B website dedicated to reducing disease and environmental degradation by empowering eco-minded SMEs, giving them the tools needed to connect with and compete against the global marketplace. Last year alone they organized over 100 promotional events to help local products reach international clients, including outreach programs, networking opportunities, product exhibitions and commercial delegations, with the website recently announcing a new and extensive list of trade-shows for 2016, as well as the addition of 200 new, full-time jobs to its Dhaka headquarters over a six-month period.

The BDTDC was launched after Kazi Ahmed, a native of Bangladesh who studied abroad in Canada and the United States, returned home following a thirty year absence. Upon his arrival in Dhaka, he witnessed the disastrous effects of industrial under-regulation on the city's air, water and food supply. “It breaks my heart to see millions of people dying from hell factories,” said Ahmed in a personal interview. “The factories are killing the environment...contaminating the rivers, lakes and air with dangerous chemicals due to a lack of regulation.” According to the World Bank's Air Quality Management Project (AQMP), airborne toxins in Dhaka cause an estimated 15,000 premature deaths each year along with several million cases of pulmonary and respiratory illnesses.

There are many wonderful manufacturers in Bangladesh who produce world class products...but a lack of knowledge and access to overseas buyers means they struggle to survive.

Kazi Ahmed

BDTDC Chairman & Founder

In an effort to combat this national health crisis, Ahmed created the BDTDC to support, educate and empower businesses which follow the United Nations environmental guidelines, helping them achieve more sustainable policies and lowering the volume of harmful pollutants. “There are many wonderful manufacturers in Bangladesh who produce world class products,” said Ahmed during the same interview. “But a lack of knowledge and access to overseas buyers means they struggle to survive.” However, through workshops, seminars and forums, the BDTDC helps thousands of local manufacturers connect with global consumers, while also providing entrepreneurs the tools and knowledge required to grow.

As the company continues to pursue fair labor and environmental practices, it is proud to announce the creation of 200 well-paid, full-time jobs at its corporate headquarters in Dhaka. With yearly revenues expected to add an estimated 50 crore taka to Bangladesh's economy, the BDTDC hopes to strengthen both the nation's economy and ecology.

The company website has also added new exhibitions and trade-shows for the year 2016. With a broad range of categories including furniture, textiles, electronics and pharmaceuticals, the BDTDC is once again hoping to put local green businesses on an international stage. For more information on expos, conferences or seminars, please visit the following website: 

Written by: H.K. Patel

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Source: Bangladesh Trade Development Council (BDTDC)


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