Due to skyrocketing numbers of COVID-19 infections and concerns for spectators' safety, Blockchain Sports, Inc., and Roy Jones Jr. Promotions, Inc., have decided to reschedule the star studded, action packed -- Fight for Veterans 2022 until the end of February.

Fight For Veterans 2022

"With the United States averaging more than 400,000 new cases a day for the first time since the pandemic, as much as we want to -- we simply cannot with good a conscience put 8,000 spectators in a room three weeks from now. It will allow all the fighters time to get in better shape and put on a greater show!" Legendary four division, ten (10-) time World Champion, Roy Jones Jr. (

Roy Jones Jr. left his mark in boxing history when he won the WBA heavyweight title, becoming the first former middleweight champion to win a heavyweight title in 106 years. Jones was named "Fighter of the Decade" for the 1990s by the Boxing Writers Association of America.

"We are extremely saddened that we will not be able to host Fight for Veterans 2022 between January 28-29, 2020, as originally planned." ( This event means more to me than anything. The opportunity to give back to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms forever, and to the family members who supports us through and through, you have my undying respect and gratitude. We will return when the COVID-19 situation is more stabilized. The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of individuals in the U.S. However, even before the pandemic, mental health was a long-term and growing concern for veterans. Illness, grief, job loss, social isolation, uncertainty, and other pandemic-driven stressors have contributed to an increase in psychological distress on an unusually wide scale. The need for spiritual guidance is at a record high. The goal of our planned event was to bring about a strong positive vibe, to reinforce our endeavoring appreciation for our nation's active service men, women, and Veterans. For our 19 million veterans, that means ensuring that they have access to the support and resources for a future of security, opportunity, and dignity. So many of our veterans carry the scars from their service — both visible and invisible — and it is everyone's responsibility to help them heal, and to encourage them to keep fighting, to never give up." - BCG CSO Lt Col. (Ret.) Dennis P. Donegan

The event has been blessed with so much talent, and so many great performers that are willing to take the stage and show their heartfelt admiration for our Veterans. An incredible lineup of world champion exhibition fighters, and professional fighters. In addition to our event partner Roy Jones Jr., the Fight for Veterans 2022 has received interest and commitments from great boxing legends such as Antonio Tarver, Evander Holyfield Jr., David Moore, and Riddick Bowe, in addition to special performances by NBA star Nick Young and former TMZ Van Latham to name a few. Combined with incredible speed, power, and athleticism, our line-up of greatest of all-times #GOATS4VETERANS and sporting icons have captured world championship titles in multiple weight classes and reinforced their incredible commitment and dedication by coming back and reclaiming their title as world champions on multiple occasions. 

Antonio Tarver, who portrayed Mason "The Line" Dixon in the 2006 film Rocky Balboa (, knows first-hand how people with mental health disorders feel. In a compelling interview, the great champion said: "I want to tell my story. The greatest story never told is mental health.

"There is widespread awareness of the damage that results to fighters from head trauma; provided, however, there is another possible cause for many of these symptoms: post-traumatic stress disorder ("PTSD").  PTSD is known to cause depression, fear, and severe anxiety. Very few fighters have a safety net when it comes to pensions, health care, and other benefits. These are the same challenges that our Veterans are faced with. For all too many veterans, returning from military service means coping with symptoms of PTSD." - BCG CSO Lt Col. (Ret.) Dennis P. Donegan

1.53 million veterans are uninsured and 2 million cannot afford healthcare, a new study by Harvard and Public Citizen found in 2020. Two years into the pandemic these numbers are even more alarming.

According to a recent article in October of 2021 in Newsweek; some 37,000 Veterans are homeless.

Through our Fight for Veterans 2022 #fightforveterans, we will not alone be able to make much of a difference. But we hope we can make a difference for someone out there! We hope that our NFT social fabric, our meta fabric concept, through our SPE platform, and under the #fightforveterans initiative, website:, can help support key veterans organizations in front of compassionate caring donors and corporations and to help connect these honorable, and dedicated charities and their initiatives raise much needed funds and awareness this winter.

We are committed to hosting the world's first live streaming NFT Artwork Auction in honor of our Veterans across a dynamic social media platform.  We want to emphasize that NFTs not only plays a prominent role in the buying, selling, and ownership of digital artwork, but can help solve social problems, and what it can bring to the future of philanthropy by adding the social fabric to the mix. 

"Blockchain-based NFTs have become a powerful fundraising vehicle for nonprofits. By adding social components to the digital artworks and connecting social media threads, the value of such digital artwork may be compounded by the social status of owning such a NFT as it connects real social matters of concern with real faces and real voices. Through our Monolith NFTs we believe new opportunities exist to reinforce social challenges facing our society and empower key voices." Our platform will serve and empower women veterans, transgender, veterans suffering from depression and mental disorders and their families during their transition from military to civilian life. As we create awareness, we hope to be able to service reputable veterans' organizations in their fight against homelessness, PTSD, and Substance abuse." We are proud to offer our services and technology to help our veterans'. The Health and Safety of our Veterans, their families, nonprofit organizations and our community is paramount.  We ask for and appreciate everyone's support and patience as we work through COVID protocols that will ensure the SAFETY of ALL and the result will be an event the likes have never been seen before. WE PROMISE AN EVENT FILLED WITH GREAT FIGHTERS, FOR GREAT FIGHTERS AND ON BEHALF OF GREAT FIGHTERS." - BCG CSO Lt Col. (Ret.) Dennis P. Donegan

Acting manager of Royster Productions LLC, Shawn Royster, applauds the decision of Blockchain Sports, Inc., and Roy Jones Jr. Promotions, Inc. "We are committed to producing the best show money can buy, with an exceptional boxing exhibition line-up and world class musical performances - we will continue to build a show worthy to its cause." - Shawn Royster, Manager of Royster Productions LLC.

The event is being produced by Royster Productions, LLC., (Website:

For full details of this star studded two (2) day historical, special event, please check, website: by the 14th of January for new details on February 25-26 fight schedule, musical performances, PPV and ticket sales.

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