FIDGET CLIX Introduces a Revolutionary New Hand Held Device That Makes Your Day a Little Easier.


FIDGET CLIX now on Kickstarter

By using Kickstarter's crowdfunding platform to launch its worldwide debut, FIDGET CLIX anticipates rapid momentum and interest in its uniquely beautiful line of fidgets.

Designed and manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area by a team of experienced innovators, FIDGET CLIX catch your eye with their simple beauty and become part of your everyday carry (EDC).

FIDGET CLIX affords a welcome distraction from the stress of today's demanding life.

Whether it is tapping your finger, twirling a pencil, clicking a pen or attacking an unsuspecting paper clip, people are attracted to simple, repetitive motion that enables them to distract their attention just enough to focus fully on the task at hand. With its roots in ancient civilizations, fidgeting is something people do. FIDGET CLIX may prove to be the ultimate solution to this age-old desire.

A device that easily fits in your hand and can be put away just about anywhere is the key. FIDGET CLIX easily fit in your pocket or bag from where they can be simply held, or rolled around, engaging all of your fingers simultaneously, allowing for a meditative and more present mind. FIDGET CLIX are designed to appeal to fidgeters and non-fidgeters alike.

"Fiddling helps us to relax and to think. Fidget toys are valuable tools for reducing anxiety and increasing sensory integration. And these FIDGET CLIX are appealing to everyone… younger than 8, older than 80 and everyone in between" -Suzanne Pregerson, Licensed Family Therapist

Rare earth magnets are set into each face of the FIDGET CLIX, attracting each other with a satisfying “click”. This also ensures the pair will not leave each other’s side.

There are three distinct versions of FIDGET CLIX; comforting polished resin, tactile red translucent acetate, and seductive solid carbon fiber, respectfully named Original, Casino and Carbon.

FIDGET CLIX are extremely durable and virtually indestructible, can be taken anywhere, fit anywhere and do not require batteries or maintenance.

Once you stop staring at them, you can’t put them down.


For more information, please contact the FIDGET CLIX gurus at, check out their campaign on Kickstarter OR email to receive your very own pair for review.

Media Contact: 
Daniel David
Phone: 415.267.6191


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