Fictional Heroine Wins Respect

New release by Award-Winning Author: GUILT TRIP, The Mystery Feb. 1, 2016

When an agent challenged Donna Huston Murray, award-winning author of ten published mysteries, to develop a second series, Murray chose to give her new main character an unusual backstory.

“I’ve always viewed cancer survivors as heroic,” Murray explains. “I’m also a fan of the uncomplicated/every-day-is-a-gift attitude so often adopted by people who’ve endured a life-threatening experience.”

According to reviewers, Murray’s admiration for survivors shines through. Kirkus Review described Lauren Beck as “brave and determined, humorous despite it all,” with, “not a shred of self-pity.” Publisher’s Weekly commented, “Lauren also displays a tender side that is sweetly sentimental.”

The series debut, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU, The Mystery, was recently awarded Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest 23rd Annual Self-Published Book Awards. The judge’s remark, “This book could easily sit on the shelf with traditionally published novels and beat them hands down.”

Unlike Ginger Barnes, the amateur detective in Murray’s seven cozy mysteries, her new protagonist spent time as a hometown cop, “so she’s prepared to protect herself in dangerous situations.” Also, some scarring emotional baggage frees Lauren to pursue clues wherever Murray sends her.

In GUILT TRIP, The Mystery Lauren travels undercover to the Caribbean to investigate a questionable suicide. E-book launch date: February 1, 2016. Paperback to follow.

About the author:  Murray’s seven Ginger Barnes Main Line Mysteries (originally with St. Martin's Press) feature a woman much like herself, a headmaster's wife transplanted to an upscale neighborhood by her husband's job. FINAL ARRANGEMENTS, set at Philadelphia’s renowned International Flower Show, simultaneously achieved #1 on the Kindle-store Mystery list and #1 for Female Sleuths, and THE MAIN LINE IS MURDER attained #2 for Female Sleuths. Donna and her husband live in the greater Philadelphia, PA, area and have two adult children.

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About Donna Huston Murray

Award-winning mystery/suspense author of a cozy mysteries (7 books) and a mystery/suspense series (2 books).

Donna Huston Murray

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