Ficks & Co Launches Line of All Natural Hard Seltzers at Expo West

Wellness-Focused Cocktail Company Eschewes Malt For Real, Simple Blend of Fruit Alcohol, Real Fruit Juice and Sparkling Water

Ficks & Co, the wellness-focused maker of all-natural cocktail mixers, announced today that they will be getting into the ready-to-drink (RTD) space with a new line of all natural hard seltzers. The seltzers, dubbed Ficks Hard Seltzer, will be unveiled at this week’s Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim, and will be hitting the shelves of Target and other retailers in California just in time for summer.

The seltzers are a simple mix of fruit alcohol, real fruit juice (not from concentrate) and sparkling water, which the firm says delivers an authentic, and refreshing, seltzer in grapefruit, lime, blackberry and cranberry flavors. Each seltzer has zero added sugar, just 110 calories and is gluten-free – while still having 5 percent ABV.

“Our goal is always to make big ideas healthier, which is what we did by first making speakeasy-quality mixers with a fraction of the calories and sugar of what we saw on the market,” says Ron Alvarado, one of the firm’s cofounders. “When we looked at the RTD space we wanted to give people a healthier and authentic drink as an alternative to the lower quality ingredient, or high carb beverages out there. So we kept it simple for these seltzers – combine real fruit juice, alcohol we make from fruit here in California, and sparkling water.”

This simple ingredient panel allows consumers to understand exactly what they’re enjoying, an increasingly crucial movement amongst millenials and more wellness-focused consumers. And the firm’s unique base made from fermenting California oranges into alcohol provides a clean, more authentic seltzer taste than the malt-bases seen in other products.

“We’re a California company and like to locally source our ingredients,” continued Alvarado, “so when we were looking for a premium base that would make for a real, smooth seltzer, oranges were kind of the perfect fit.”

Ficks will be rolling out 6-packs of their hard seltzers this summer in California, with the goal of expanding distribution quickly into other states.

“We’ve had these in the test kitchen for a long time, so we’re super excited to finally show our friends in San Francisco, and the rest of California, what we think is an awesome new drink for this summer.”

About Ficks & Co

Ficks is a San Francisco-based beverage company that aims to make big ideas healthier. The firm launched its line of all natural, low calorie and low sugar cocktail mixers in 2016 to great reception, and can be found in retailers such as Target and Crate & Barrel. In 2018, Ficks launched its first alcoholic product — Ficks Hard Seltzer — with the belief that simple, real ingredients provide the best taste. A blend of real fruit juice (not from concentrate), alcohol made from fruit, and sparkling water — Ficks Hard Seltzer provides an authentic and vibrant taste while still being gluten free, low calorie and zero added sugar.

For further information about Ficks or their hard seltzers, please contact the company at or (855) 984-1530.

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About Ficks & Co

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Ficks is a San Francisco based beverage company that aims to make big ideas healthier. Its line of all natural cocktail mixers, and hard seltzer, aim to keep ingredients simple and high quality for impactful taste.

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