Femtech Pioneer Eastra Health Launches Psychedelic Biotech to Address Menopause & PMS

The First-Ever Women-Focused Psychedelic Healthcare Company

Eastra Health Inc (EHI or the "Company") is the world's first female-focused biotech company dedicated to developing psychedelic-derived medicines specifically for women. Eastra Health will offer new solutions for under-addressed health conditions - from PMS to menopause - through an innovative approach to drug discovery and a deep & holistic understanding of women's health, biology, and specific needs.

"For years, women have been overlooked by the medical establishment when it comes to drug development and female-specific healthcare solutions, especially when it comes to PMS and menopause-related symptoms," says Pamela Hadfield, Co-Founder of Eastra Health.

"One billion women experience menopause annually, and of that number 85% feel symptomatic, including a disruption in emotional wellbeing. Yet, medical solutions for women's mild anxiety and depression, often due to hormonal fluctuations, are limited to traditional anti-depressants and supplements. EHI plans to develop novel psychedelic-derived solutions for the physical and emotional symptoms women face throughout various stages of their lives."

Dr. Erica Zelfand, Eastra's Chief Medical Officer, joined the team for this reason. She says, "Despite the growing mental health epidemic, there aren't new psychiatric drugs going to market. As often happens in medicine, women's experiences are often dismissed as 'just your hormones,' or remedied with a prescription of an SSRI or oral contraceptives." 

She adds, "I believe in the potential of psychedelic medicine, and the ability to customize therapeutics to optimally support women. Entheogenic substances have already shown great promise in treating a variety of mood and mental health conditions, from depression, to PTSD, to addictions. At Eastra we will explore how they may help women, and their ability to address different challenging aspects of menopause, PMS, and PMDD."

EHI is currently raising its seed fund which will be used to conduct proof of concept observational studies and lead molecule research, focused on developing a novel derivative of the phenethylamine 2C-B to enhance the safety and benefits of the molecule and generate patentable intellectual property.

EHI's CEO, Jeremy Weate says, "2C-B is a highly promising therapeutic molecule with unique serotonergic properties. In comparison with MDMA, it has a higher score on the visual analog scale, has lower blood pressure risk, does not produce a statistically significant cortisol response and there are no recorded fatalities. Our focus is on developing a low dose repeat-use take at home medicine that will empower women and optimize their mental and physical health through their reproductive life and beyond."

Supported by a formidable team of advisors with deep experience in pharmaceuticals, EHI will be taking an accelerated approach to drug development with advanced use of technology to support women's health. This includes combining intensive use of artificial intelligence to develop candidate derivatives and real-world data from observational studies together with a hybrid model of clinical trial design.

About Eastra Healthcare Inc

Eastra Healthcare Inc is the world's first female-focused biotech company dedicated to developing psychedelic-derived medicines designed for women. We focus on under-addressed health challenges women face, from PMS to menopause, through an innovative approach to drug discovery and a deep understanding of women's health. Our mission is to help every woman through their life journey attain better health and wellbeing through disruptive medical solutions that enable healing, inspiration, and connection.

Eastra Healthcare Inc is a private company registered in Toronto, Ontario. The company plans to raise Series A funds in October to build on prior research, submit patents and conduct pre-clinical research, leading to an IND application with the FDA. The company anticipates a listing on a Canadian exchange in 2022.

For further information, please contact:

Jeremy Weate

Chief Executive Officer

Eastra Healthcare Inc.

Email: jeremy@eastrahealth.com

For all press inquiries, please contact Alex Cammarano at alex@eastrahealth.com

Source: Eastra Health