Female Telecom Entrepreneur Launches Backup Internet Service for Small Businesses

Texas-based Infinite Air helps keep small businesses and individuals connected.

Backup Internet

Today, Infinite Air unveiled a company-wide re-branding, marking the re-launch of the Texas-based telecom company. Helmed by entrepreneur and native Texan Terian Eller, Infinite Air provides simple, affordable, reliable backup internet solutions for small businesses, hybrid workforces, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and more.

Thinking Outside the Big Business Box

In 2021, CEO and President Terian Eller saw an opportunity to help small businesses and individuals keep pace with the speed of commerce in this ultra-connected age. "Many enterprise-level failover internet solutions exist, but we saw a real need for an affordable, simple solution tailored to small companies and individuals that keep them connected and running smoothly when their primary connection drops," Eller says. "Backup internet is essential for small businesses because when your POS, online order platform, or credit card processor is offline, your entire business is, too."

Proud to Be Small and Woman-Owned

As the world continues to embrace hybrid and remote work and people continue to go into business for themselves, Infinite Air's backup internet solutions can help make it more possible. "Small businesses are often overlooked, and as it happens, many small businesses are owned by women—who are also often overlooked and underestimated," Eller says. "As a woman and a business owner myself, I understand the need for simplicity and flexibility. I wanted to provide a service that helps empower fellow entrepreneurs to go after their dreams." 

In fact, the Infinite Air re-brand was spurred by a desire to embody the company's focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs. "We specialize in small business failover internet solutions, but we looked and talked like big business," Eller says. "You have a true partner in us, and we want our brand to feel that way too, like we have your back—because we do!"

How Infinite Air Works (And Why It's a Lifesaver)

Infinite Air provides an internet lifeline for small businesses and individuals, including retail, restaurants, Etsy shops, full-time remote workers, and consultants. To eliminate costly downtime, Infinite Air's backup internet solutions use best-in-class routers that instantly kick in when a user's primary internet connection drops.

From start to finish, the entire Infinite Air experience is designed specifically for the needs of small businesses and individual users. Many small business owners perform multiple roles and need a straightforward solution that works without wasting precious time or resources. All tech sets up in minutes, and 24/7 technical support comes standard with any subscription. Infinite Air is compatible with any internet service provider for additional ease of use—users can plug their new router in and go.

Infinite Air offers backup internet plans for small businesses and individuals for only $35 per month. Visit infiniteair.net to learn more.


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