Female Fitness Program Full Body Licious Review

If you are looking to get fit and fabulous, this fitness program is for you.

Ladies if you are looking to get in the best shape of your lives and the discipline, then I have found your program. No, this is not a special pill that is going to transform your body. I'm talking about a plan that will change your body. I'm talking real work, but if you are up for it then you need to see this review.

I found this great Full Body Licious Review by Flavia Del monte of Flavilicious Fitness. I had a chance to look at the program myself and this is definitely right on track. It is a great program that you need to get if you are looking to get fit. At minimum go to the page to see what it's about. For now, see the review.


Flavilicious Fitness Review - aka Full Body Licious Review

Just another crazy celebrity fad? Or is Flavia Del Monte's female orientated fitness plan really a winning formula?

No-one can deny that the relentless onslaught of the money-making fitness industry sure knows how to prey on women's insecurities. Airbrushed beauties adorn the pages of every magazine and newspaper; all claiming their to-die-for figures are thanks to some make-believe wonder diet.

So, is Full Body Licious by Flavilicious Fitness the same, or is this at last a welcome break from the tradition to extort cash with absolutely no hope of seeing any long lasting results? Let's take a no-holds barred look at whether this workout program really can live up to its claims of helping you achieve that flawless figure.

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What do you get for your money?

Right now Full Body Liscious is available at 50% OFF. For that you purchase an immediate internet download of six DVD's. Five of these cover the various workouts which target individual areas of the body. The sixth contains printable workout sheets to help you work through the fitness program.

Disc one concentrates on the thigh area - a body part that is probably one of the most universally hated by most of the female population.

Disc two attacks the abs and aims to banish 'muffin tops' to where they deserve to be - in the past!

Disc three is the booty booster. Exercises created specifically to build that perfectly curved butt we all dream of shaking!

Disc four targets the shoulder. An often forgotten area for ladies when thinking about fat loss and muscle toning.

Disc five concentrates on your back, with exercise and workout features purposely focused on creating the best physique possible to wear strapless tops, dresses and skimpy bikinis.

Disk six is a step by step print out guide which walks you through each and every stage of the exercises on discs one-five.

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Who is it for?

Unashamedly targeted at women (although Flavia does state men can follow her program as well), this is an exercise program for those who are serious about dropping the pounds and changing the shape of their body. This is not a 'quick fix,' nor does it pretend to be. Full Body Licious is a sustained and tough workout regime for people who want to commit not only to eating well, exercising and benefiting from the resulting health improvements but for those who are prepared to commit to a complete lifestyle change.

But you don't need to be ultra-fit to commence Flavia Delmonte's Flavilicious Fitness program. At whatever stage you are, from needing to get rid of those last few stubborn pounds right through to being very overweight, this body shaping program can be used to target the perfect regime which is personal to you.

And you don't need to join an expensive gym or health club to follow the program. If you'd rather work out in the comfort of your own home, all of the exercises can be performed without specialist equipment. Using body resistance and easy to come by resistance bands, the beginner can happily follow the complete array of exercises without needing to max out their credit cards on crazy membership prices.

Who is Flavia Del Monte of Flavilicious Fitness?

Flavia Del Monte is perhaps best known for being married to Vince Del Monte. Any Google search will tell you that he's the guy who helps skinny guys build muscle. And made himself a pretty good name for it as well!

But Flavia herself is no slouch in the fitness stakes. A former pediatric nurse, she began to pile on a few pounds in her twenties. Not understanding why this was so as she tried to eat correctly and work out, she decided to get herself a personal training certification and learn about sport, exercise and nutrition.

Ten years and a lot of hard work later, Flavia now is the proud owner of one of those oh-so-perfect bodies. But rather than telling us that she gained it simply by eating acacia berries or living on a cabbage water diet, she admits that getting and keeping her envious shape is a mixture of hard work, some sacrifice and the (very) occasional indulgence.

The Pros

Full Body Licious is a fitness program which draws on a wealth of expertise of numerous top names in the fitness industry. Of course, Flavia's husband, Vince Del Monte, is one of these. But another well-known name who needs no introduction is Dr. John Beradi, a fitness guru who holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrient Biochemistry.

The program is instantly downloadable, so no waiting for the mailman to arrive before you can commence the program.
All the exercises are specifically engineered to be performed either at home or at the gym, whichever you prefer.

This is a program designed for you to follow for life. The exercises and intensities change as you become fitter, meaning you have a personally tailored fitness program to follow - forever!
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The Cons

This is a workout program - it's not a diet and nutrition guide. You'll need some knowledge of the correct foods and nutrients to eat which will compliment and help you work towards your fitness goals.

As with any 'at home' fitness course, you need to have some self-motivation. Flavia does a good job of motivating you while watching the DVDs but you must force yourself to put that DVD on and get working even when you'd rather curl up with a candy bar or a glass of wine.

You have no instructor watching to tell you if you are performing the exercises correctly. It's easy to cheat and make the exercises feel easier, but then they won't have the intended effect.
The Bottom Line

Full Body Licious is not just another famous person putting their name towards a ridiculous and unfounded crazy diet or workout regime. In all the promo and advertising, Flavia fully admits that getting the perfect body takes hard work, self-control and a complete lifestyle change. And that is so refreshing!

Because, ladies. In our heart of hearts you know that there is no miraculous way to that sublime bikini body. If there was, we'd all have the muscles of Madonna and the booty of J-Lo! But there's still that little part in all of us which somehow gets sucked in by clever advertising and beautiful airbrushed pictures.

So, if you're serious about working out and believe that you have the motivation to keep to a home exercise plan, then Full Body Licious may be right for you. The exercises are sound and, if followed religiously, will have a positive effect. But only you know if you have the sufficient motivation not to put off your exercise plan for 'one more day.' Be honest with yourself and this might just be the program that works for you.

Source: Flavilicious Fitness Review

So now you got the review. Go check it out if it looks good to you.

You can always stop by my site and ask any questions.


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