Female Doctor Leaves Medicine to Start Wellness Brand

Dr. Liz Lehman, founder of Aluminate Life, creates a physician-formulated wellness business

Dr. Liz Lehman knows firsthand about transformative growth. After years of research and patient care in traditional western medicine, she developed Aluminate Life to apply holistic healing essentials to achieve greater physical and emotional wellbeing.

During 2018, she embarked on a journey to explore natural therapeutic options, uniting her vast knowledge in western medicine with her passion for holistic healing, from previous knowledge as a doctor. As a result, Dr. Liz expertly pairs all-natural healing essential oils with the powerful vibrations of crystals to target specific maladies and help relieve symptoms. This is a direct attempt to bring healing and balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

“For a few years, I had been thinking about creating a wellness business that extends further than normal medicine. I knew I wanted to incorporate my teachings as being a doctor, mother, and yoga instructor but wasn’t sure what that would look like. Then everything came to a grinding halt following a sudden injury. It’s amazing how the universe puts things into perspective when you want something deep down inside,” Dr. Lehman noted. Since then, Aluminate Life has grown into eight signature crystal-infused home and body wellness collections.

These collections include candles, reed diffusers, essential-oil rollerballs and vials. All collections address specific ailments: calm, defense, energy, focus, recharge, release, sleep, and strength. Products are handcrafted in the lab and are non-animal-based, all-natural, eco-friendly, responsibly sourced, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Learn more about crystal-infused wellness products at www.aluminatelife.com.

Aluminate Life was founded in 2018 as an all-natural crystal-infused wellness brand designed to treat mind and body holistically through physician-developed aromatherapy blends. Aluminate Life’s eight core products are curated with all-natural ingredients specializing in aiding ailments.

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Dr. Liz Lehman 
Founder, Aluminate Life LLC

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