Female Boxer Uses Criticism to Empower Girls and Women

The #tooprettymovement is giving girls and women a chance to express themselves and feel empowered. We are in an era of female empowerment and Too Pretty is at the forefront. A brand that encourages girls and women to step outside of their "box" and do whatever they want to do. You are Never Too Pretty to do anything!

​​​​Former boxer uses criticism to empower girls and women with the #tooprettymovement

This movement  has been created on social media where girls and women are posting pictures similar to the one below to show the world what they are Never Too Pretty to do or be. Politicians, entertainers, pilots, Olympians and so many more girls and women are a part of the movement!

A few of the #tooprettymovement supporters are listed below:

Becky Morgan- 2 time Senator in California

Cimorelli Sisters- popular teen band

Debbie Meyer- winner of 3 Gold Medals in swimming

The Too Pretty brand was created out of a woman’s experience in a male dominated sport: Boxing. As a fighter, I was told often that I was Too Pretty to be a boxer. Which really meant in their mind, that I was not capable. Those same people who then saw me fight would say, "You fight like a boy!" And in the world of boxing or any sport where you get punched in the face; that is a compliment. Fast forward 5 years and it dawned on me that she was not the only girl/woman experiencing these comments. There were business owners, surfers, managers, race car drivers, writers, bodybuilders and the list goes on! I launched the Too Pretty brand in late 2015 with a few lines of T-shirts and halter tops. They were a hit (no pun intended)! The social media platforms started to grow and the #tooprettymovement began.

So what do I know about fashion? Put it this way, in high school I would raid my dad’s closet and cut up clothes that didn’t fit me anymore to put together unique outfits. When asked at school by all the girls, “where did you get that” I would respond, “I made it”

While in college I would regularly go to concerts, but stay on the outside since I couldn’t afford tickets. After seeing the crowds at the Grateful Dead concerts I decided to make some bandana halter tops. For each top I would spend $1 and then sell them for $10 each.

An entrepreneurial fashionista was born!

Currently this movement is in full effect with an Instagram project. Girls and women are posting a black and white photo of themselves holding a cardboard sign on which they have written what they are Never Too Pretty to do. They use hash tags #nevertoopretty #tooprettymovement and #thebeautyinstrength and explain what it means to them.

Project #thebeautyinstrength is a short version book that features 6 girls and women who have been extraordinary in what they do and inspiring to other girls and women. They have been in male dominated sports, activities or jobs. This short version of The Beauty in Strength book is available on our Kickstarter to all backers. We will be looking for 10 more gals to feature in the long version of the book to be published later in the year.

8 year old boxing prodigy featured on Little Big Shot show wearing Too Pretty

Speaking about Too Pretty at Titans of the Trade at MGM in Vegas

Too Pretty Founder talking about how the brand started

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