Female Agents and Brokers Are 'Crushing It' in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, According to CRE PRO Course.

Kachét Davis

As women struggle to close the corporate divide over wages and promotions, an increasing number of female agents and brokers are discovering a lucrative profession offering a more level playing field once they've arrived -- Commercial Real Estate. That's the assessment of Zach Roesinger and Dan Lewkowicz, co-founders of the CRE PRO Course, a popular new online commercial real estate course offering unparalleled transparency, "insider" secrets, winning techniques and a supportive LinkedIn "community" to help accelerate the learning curve to earning $500,000 annually.

"Women transitioning into commercial real estate brokerage don't have to contend with unfair pay gaps," says Lewkowicz, a sought-after CRE professional specializing in shopping centers, medical office buildings and quick service restaurants. "In CRE, people are judged by their industry knowledge, business acumen and level of customer service -- all things we cover in the CRE PRO Course."

Lewkowicz points out that women consistently bring solid transferable attributes into commercial real estate. "In our experience, women are excellent negotiators, have exceptional listening skills, and provide stellar customer service," he said. "There are also more female owned businesses, and many prefer dealing with women."

Co-creator Zach Roesinger cites several reasons why realtors sign up for the CRE PRO Course. "Certainly, the $500,000 average salary is part of it, but so is the respect women receive as 'go to' experts ... the level of professionalism in this industry ... and the freedom commercial real estate affords," says Roesinger, who specializes in Opportunity Zone Real Estate, real estate entitlements, and new construction management. "Many realtors are also understandably tired of working weekends, hosting open houses, watching commissions erode, and competing against dozens of agents for a single listing." 

The sheer number of realtors, he continued, is another factor why women are considering a career change into commercial real estate. "There are one million real estate agents trying to sell 1.3 million homes. Conversely, there are only 50,000 commercial real estate agents producing a staggering 400 million in sales, so there's plenty of business," he says. "As for lifestyle, we have weekends free, we can sell nationwide, and there's more time for family, friends and summer vacations."

One major challenge facing women is the lack of excellent CRE brokerage training, he says. "Few brokerages offer meaningful training and mentoring programs, and most online CRE programs are dated. The CRE PRO Course shatters the 'old boys' club by revealing all of the 'insider' secretes, staying current, and offering access to an exclusive LinkedIn group and more."

Kachét Davis, founder and real estate professional, says "CRE PRO Course addresses many essential components for thriving in a career in commercial real estate, including types of leasing structures, proposal creation, and social media marketing techniques. Plus, CRE PRO Course offers a wonderful and encouraging LinkedIn community of like-minded individuals always available to lend support."

To get started with the CRE PRO Course, go to www.CREPROCourse.com.

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