Feedback sought on new invention to help people with a physical disability or injury to care for the

Parents who are disabled, injured or recovering from an operation struggle to tend to their children in their cots. A North Queensland father has come-up with an innovative concept that was originally designed to assist his wife who has quadriplegia

A NORTH Queensland dad has devised a unique invention that will allow disabled and injured parents worldwide to comfortably and safely tend to their young children.
Townsville man Paul Carta came up with the concept of the 3 in 1 Power Cot when he and his wife Richelle, who has quadriplegia, became pregnant with their first child.
The frustrated couple searched high and low for a cot that would allow Richelle to reach in and independently handle, comfort or change their baby from her wheelchair, but all options proved inaccessible or sterile and cage-like.
As Richelle's distress grew, Paul put his engineering background to use and came up with a solution - a remote controlled cot that can be raised and lowered to the level of the user and looks aesthetically like any other cot in a nursery.
"With the 3 in 1 Power Cot in the raised position, it can be easily accessed from a wheelchair to pick up and put down an infant," Paul explains.
"The '3 in 1' reference comes from the fact that it can also be used as a play area where the parent and child can interact and share precious time together; and it can become a three-sided couch, where parents can interact with their child at their level.
"At 'average hip height' when in the raised position, the mattress platform is not just limited to access by people in wheelchairs - it can also be used by those who have temporary back pain after pregnancy, those recovering from a caesarean, sufferers of chronic back pain, those with other physical mobility problems and, of course, by the able bodied."
The North Queensland Small Business Development Centre (NQSBDC) is helping Paul and Richelle with the marketing of their idea, with NQSBDC chief executive officer Brian Arnold saying he saw a bright future for the invention.
"About 20% of the population has some form of disability and yet there seems to be nothing out there like the Power Cot, which offers universal access to anyone needing to use the product," Mr Arnold said.
LifeTec Queensland - a leading provider of information, consultation, and education on assistive technology - welcomes any solutions that make it easier for individuals to improve their lives and live independently.
Community development and marketing officer Scott Green said products like the 3 in 1 Power Cot were integral for injured people and people with a disability to be able to lead normal lives.
"We deliver more than 20,000 individual services to clients, carers and professionals each year and each year we find that the amount of requests for information about assistive technology is growing," Mr Green said.
"Creative thinking and the implementation of assistive technology often enables people to overcome barriers, achieve tasks that they would otherwise be unable to achieve and enhance their quality of life."
Paul and Richelle are looking for feedback on the 3 in 1 Power Cot and are requesting all comments go through the website:
Once they are satisfied there is enough demand - from families, childcare centres and hospital maternity/paediatric wards - they will proceed with the development of the idea that's been such a success within their small family.