February Is the New January

FDthinking.com, the makers of Twenty8Watch app, today launched their newest app - 21 Habit. Available in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

21 Habit, a Habit Tracker and a Goal Reminder app, promises to be a one stop app where the user can control and manage up to six different habits at a time over a 21 day period. It comes with six preloaded positive habits : Drink Water, Stop Smoking, Unplug - Family Time, Exercise, Eating Healthy and Writing.

What differentiates 21Habit from other similar 21 Day applications is the functionality to Create-Your-Own Habit - letting user's imagination and individuality guide them to creating positive habits or goals that will vitalize and better themselves in the long run.

"Any small changes you make now will improve your life greatly in the end. If your New Year's resolutions didn't happen - don't give up yet - January was only a practice run. Get to work. It's never to late."

Johann Badenhorst, Founder of FDThinking

Another unique feature in the 21 Habit app is the choice of three virtual coaches that motivate and remind the user throughout the day to keep pushing forward - each coach with a personality and motivational style that best suits the user. The app reminds each morning by default to complete the task or habit chosen. 

Daily notes can be added to each habit selected to show progress or to keep a journal of how much water the user drank, how many miles he/she ran, how much weight was lost in a week or in 21 days, to unplug and take a breather.

"This app reminds, challenges and inspires the user to do better each day. To break bad habits and create new ones. It takes 21 days for a human to replace a bad habit with a great one, " said Tatjana Thomas, co-founder of FDThinking "The self-help books, life coaches and therapist promise to break our bad habits while collecting lots of money. A commitment, daily practice, reminders and a will to live better is all it takes. It's why we have created a free app, 21 Habit app."

21 Habit app is available for free download in the App Store®. 21 Habit is designed for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. The app was coded by Lemberg Solutions.

FDThinking is a young dynamic company with a fresh approach to mobile technology. Founders of FDThinking believe in creating practical lifestyle applications that positively impact individuals and people around them. 

About FDthinking.com

FDThinking develops progressive health and lifestyle applications that positively impact lives. From concept development and version updates for Apple and Android, FDThinking.com transform ideas into lively apps that provide answers and solutions

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