Featuring Professional Inpatient Style Treatment, Connections ATC Has Opened Its Doors

Offering supportive and professional inpatient style treatment, the all-new Connections ATC (Addiction Treatment Center) has opened in Florida. With the clear goal of getting patients better and keeping them better, this new facility offers a safe and secure environment for anyone seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Connections ATC

Connections ATC sets itself apart by combining traditional methods with a progressive approach in tackling drug addiction. It begins with a modern yet welcoming facility, with a personalized outlook; the team at Connections ATC recognizes that the first stages of visiting a treatment center can be intimidating, and have made it their mission to focus on the individual in easing this process.

Based in sunny South Florida, the Center is perfectly positioned to take advantage of a warmer climate, ideal for a variety of outdoor activities that form part of the rehabilitation program. The inpatient style treatment program begins with an assessment to determine each patient’s needs, which is followed by a discussion outlining the goals and treatment plan. Finally, through a combination of medical and psychological support, the treatment portion of the program will commence. Inpatient style treatment also ensures that recovery and treatment are not hindered by external distractions.

"I believe that anyone can change, and anyone can move beyond the addict and patient identity."


Forming the backbone of the center is a qualified team of addiction treatment therapists, counselors, and behavioral health technicians. Combining formal training with an ingrained passion for helping people, this is a team dedicated to the mission of helping people recover. A case in point is primary therapist Dr. Kelli Malkasian, who has earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Malkasian believes that anyone can change, heal, and move beyond the damaging identity associated with addiction. With specialists like her at the helm and a strong ratio of staff-to-patients, anyone choosing Connections ATC as their rehabilitation center of choice can be assured of the very best treatment.

The Center also believes that affordability should not be a barrier to receiving professional treatment, which is why payment plans offer flexibility for every patient.

Connections ATC is about the individual. With a wonderful facility, the advantages of inpatient style treatment, a team of dedicated professionals, and a convenient location, this is a center where any substance abuse sufferer can turn their lives around and emerge healthier, renewed, and ready to start a better life.

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Connections Addiction Treatment Center takes a unique line to the treatment of substance abuse by implementing traditional methods with forward thinking approaches to create individualized treatments for each person we meet.

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