Feature Forward Releases Its Header Bidding Solution for Publishers

RTB video advertising platform Feature Forward continues pursuit of technological advancement for publishers

Feature Forward, one of the largest players in the programmatic space, announced today the launch of their header bidding technology code, pushing the advancement of ad technology by releasing its Header bidding adaptor to all publishers.

The code, already singular in its unique targeting and yield optimization abilities is now available for publishers worldwide for implementation. Partners can freely download and use said code to efficiently and easily access Feature Forward’s large-scale demand and increase monetization. This adapter release makes Feature Forward’s advertising solutions more seamless than ever.

“For over nine years, Feature Forward has supplied our partners with a scalable RTB platform powered by our AI algorithms. What’s great about this adapter is that it’s based on all proprietary Feature Forward technology, from the bidders to the decision-making algorithm. And ’s all based on our end to end stack, allowing publishers to make the most out of their inventory without sacrificing safety and response time; we’ve created a unique proposition for publishers, I’m very excited about that,” said Gal Topaz, Feature Forward CEO. “For the first time ever, our publishers can utilize our solution through a simple pre-bid interface, creating a better, more efficient user experience.”

After recently onboarding a roster of acclaimed partners and double-digit growth in the U.S., Feature Forward intends to use these new partnerships to push their unique digital advertising capabilities to the next level.

“Feature Forward is first and foremost a tech company with a deep and talented tech bench,” said Guy Poreh, Feature Forward GM USA. “As our expansion gains momentum we intend to release more tech products that will increase programmatic ease of use for all players in the ecosystem.”

About Feature Forward

Feature Forward, a technological leader in the programmatic advertising space, has offices in New York and Tel Aviv. Founded in 2008 by a team of the Israeli Air Force’s elite programmers, Feature Forward’s optimization algorithms and real-time bidding (RTB) platform help partners use programmatic tools to advertise with video efficiently, connecting them to the right audience at the right time across multiple channels.

Press contact: support@featureforward.com

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