FeatherPay Helps Improve Dental Patient Experience With Digital Payment Options

Providing access to high-quality patient payment solutions has become a vital component of dental care management.

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FeatherPay, an Atlanta-based fintech focused on healthcare, is helping dental care providers improve the patient experience and reduce manual work for office staff through digital payments. 

Across healthcare, seamless and efficient payment experience has become a critical component to the patient experience. In a 2019 study, 41% of patients said they would switch providers over a poor intake or payment experience. 

Dental practices, often small businesses with limited budgets, have been slow to implement new payment technologies. As a result, patients often find themselves struggling with limited knowledge of their payment options, with many finding it difficult to make payments properly. Several practices still use antiquated billing and payment systems or have a clunky digital experience that requires the patient to enter information manually.

"As patients, we have all felt the challenge of wanting better care and the pain of struggling to afford that care," said Craig Haynor, CEO of FeatherPay. "We designed FeatherPay to help practices make dental care as accessible to as many people as possible."

FeatherPay lets dental care providers easily introduce an intuitive, flexible patient payment experience into their practices with no technical expertise required. The FeatherPay platform improves the dental patient payment experience and, by extension, enhances the patient/provider relationship. 

With FeatherPay, patients have total control over how they want to pay. Multiple payment types are accepted, and patients have the flexibility to combine different kinds of payment types to pay for care. Whether a patient prefers contactless payment or paying in person, FeatherPay is able to accommodate. The platform facilitates a hassle-free payment experience in the office, over the phone, or online. 

Practices using FeatherPay have seen substantial increases in their treatment plan acceptance, as well as streamlined administrative operations. For more information about FeatherPay's patient billing solutions, please visit https://featherpay.io.

About FeatherPay

FeatherPay is a payment platform that offers patients total flexibility in how they pay for care. FeatherPay gives providers access to multiple payment options and the ability to combine those seamlessly in a single transaction, all delivered in a consumer-friendly user experience that works in person, remotely, and contactless on any digital device. 

Using FeatherPay, healthcare providers can improve revenue performance through greater adoption of treatment plans as well as streamline their administrative operations, all while reducing unpaid patient liabilities. Most importantly, patients can more comfortably afford higher levels of care, helping them live happier and healthier lives. 

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