FDA Approved Facility Health Advances Lab Streamlines the Private Label Process

Health Advances USA, fulfills the manufacturing for food, beverage, dietary supplements, and cosmetic industries. Health Advances Labs is proud to have maintained their integrity, secured their values and empowered their core team members since 2002. They have done this all while establishing their name and growing to the size and magnitude and positioning themselves within the industry as key players. Health Advances Labs has streamlined the entire private label process by recently adding and incorporating graphic design and fulfillment services to their supplement manufacturers services, which includes formulation, reverse-engineering, manufacturing, and packaging.​

Health Advances Lab offers the best quality, full service, organic, non-GMO, private supplement manufacturing, as well as award-winning packaging design and convenient fulfillment services.

We exist to develop, improve, refine, and expedite the manufacturing of your health-focused product. We assist with any and every aspect of the process from concept through fulfillment, with the highest quality ingredients and services in a state of the art laboratory.

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As one of the top vitamin manufacturers, Health Advances Labs works with the very best de-formulation technicians in the industry. These technicians reverse engineer existing products to determine the identity and quantity of it’s components. Health Advances Labs also provides their customers with the most affordable solutions on the market by eliminating unnecessary ingredients, sourcing better priced raw materials, and improving the overall formula for private label vitamins products.

Health Advances Lab also offers supplements in gelatin capsules in multiple size and colors to further integrate the private label supplements process. You can even imprint your company logo onto the capsule. Health Advances Lab's high-speed encapsulation machines provide quality encapsulation. State-of-the-Art V-Blenders and Ribbon Blenders enable homogenous blending. Capsules are further polished before bottling. You are given numerous options in regards to bottling as well. You can fill your capsules into your bottle of choice, desiccant, cotton, inner safety seal, capping, outer safety seal, labeling, lot number, manufacture date, packaging and palletizing.​

Health Advances Lab  quality control standards are implemented at every stage of the process. All ingredients are rigorously inspected and microbiolically tested for any pathogens before they are approved for use. Health Advance Lab’s custom formulation lab follows strict regulatory standards, as their facilities are FDA-registered, FDA-licensed, and GMP-compliant.

Source: Health Advances Lab

About Health Advances Lab

We started Health Advances USA, Inc. in 2002 in beautiful San Diego County, manufacturing for the food, beverage, dietary supplement, and cosmetic industries.

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