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Fonroche Lighting America has gained FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approval for Fonroche Connect. Fonroche Connect is a smart lighting system designed for autonomous solar lighting. Fonroche Lighting developed the system to empower nation-wide lighting infrastructure projects. Thousands of systems are already connected in Africa, South America, and Europe. Fonroche Lighting America will bring the benefits of networked solar lighting to the USA. The US company believes that a robust smart lighting component is needed to replicate Fonroche's success in the rest of the world where Fonroche sold nearly 200,000 solar street lights.

Added advantages

Fonroche Connect takes smart lighting further than grid-tied systems. Municipalities have demonstrated the maintenance cost savings of networked, LED lighting. Those same cost savings apply to networked solar lighting.

But, unlike traditional smart lighting systems, Fonroche Connect functions without utility power. Communication and illumination continue during planned or emergency power outages. Active solar lighting systems can even be relocated to support recovery efforts.

Sustainability directors use the Fonroche Connect portal to track enhanced metrics. These include CO2 reduction, generated solar power and stored energy on hand.


Solar lighting systems are small, distributed energy centers, so energy efficiency is critical. One of the reasons Fonroche selected the LoRa wireless technology was its low power requirements. It also facilitates a long communication range of about ten miles per gateway. This is essential for some of the company's infrastructure installations. For example, Fonroche Lighting's installation in Senegal represents the largest networked solar roadway lighting project in the world. This project includes over 100,000 connected street lights across the country. Other early adopters include the multi-national retailer Carrefour and the Government of Columbia. 

Big Data Supports Big Solar

With daily data on tens of thousands of solar lighting systems around the globe, Fonroche recognizes the opportunity to verify and enhance its solar lighting expertise. In-house statisticians analyze the data to inform the company's design practices and reliability. Hocine Benaoum, CEO of Fonroche Lighting America asserts, "Installing new grid-tied lighting is like investing in the past. Fonroche Lighting America's team is committed to make solar the new standard in the United States, and we have a lot of catching up to do!"

Network Ready Systems

As of today, Fonroche SmartLights sold in the United States will be include an FCC Certified 365 Power Center that is "Fonroche Connect" ready. The addition of a gateway(s) will allow the user to activate Fonroche Connect portal access. The user will be able to track locations and status of street lights, request lighting profile changes, measure CO2 off-set, track energy production and measure stored energy on hand. The user can also view maps to visualize street lighting projects and their status.

About Fonroche Lighting America - Fonroche Lighting America is a subsidiary of Fonroche Lighting. With over 150,000 systems installed worldwide, Fonroche Lighting is the leading commercial solar street lighting company in the world. Our singular focus lets us devote 100% of our energy toward creating innovative and cost-effective solar lighting solutions. We help communities reduce their reliance on the grid, so they can be more resilient and sustainable. And we help reduce the world's reliance on of fossil fuels, lowering pollution and environmental impact.

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