Father-Daughter Team Launches Fitness Device SYWOS One, Featuring New LDA Technology

The Ultimate Device to Keep Fit on the Go, at Work, and at Home - with Two Gains for Each Move


Family-founded tech-startup SYWOS GmbH is launching an exciting workout solution for those who want to exercise efficiently and smoothly on the go and at home: it’s called the SYWOS One, and is the first innovation of its kind – an ultra-portable and lightweight fitness device using a new resistance technology called Linear Double Action (LDA), giving users two gains in one move. The light weight of the device, along with its portability, versatility, practical design, and efficiency in training all major muscle groups, makes it an ideal tool for business traveling, work, holidays, or simply for anyone who’d like to get a full-body workout at home with one simple and lightweight device.

SYWOS One’s sleek design features a durable aluminum tube rod with ergonomic handles at the ends, which are retracted using the desired resistance, which is steplessly adjustable ranging from 3.3 lb (1.5 kg) to 14.33 lb (6.5 kg), a range making it suitable for beginners as well as advanced athletes. SYWOS One’s tubes turn inside themselves using new LDA technology, giving the effect of “weights without weights,” and resistance caused by friction in both directions of movement at any point – meaning workout time can be reduced for more efficient training sessions.

Unlike resistance bands that snap back and give a choppy movement, SYWOS One produces a smooth, gliding motion that feels great, is easy on the joints and gives maximum payoff for muscles.

SYWOS One measures 15 inches (38 cm) without grips and 24.5 inches (62 cm) with grips. It weighs only 1 lb/500 g, with easy dismounting and reattachment of the handles, and practically zero setup before use, making it an optimal travel companion that easily fits into regular hand luggage. The design also looks great at home, and adds to its surroundings rather than detracting from it.

Whereas traditional exercise equipment tend to be bulky, and seem to gather dust when stowed at home, SYWOS One takes up a minimal amount of space and can be left out and admired when not in use. Designed and produced in Germany using the finest materials only, the SYWOS One works with almost no wear and tear to the machinery – it’s made to last a lifetime.

"Finally there’s a way to stay fit anywhere and anytime – SYWOS One has a highly efficient, portable, simple, versatile and beautiful design that just works, and can be taken anywhere," says Co-founder Ariane Goehringer. Co-founder Rainer Goehringer adds, "As someone who travels frequently, I’m happy to say I’m finally able to work out efficiently and easily while away.”


The SYWOS One was born out of necessity – SYWOS (short for Symmetrical Workout Systems) was co-founded in 2016 by father-daughter team Rainer Goehringer and Ariane Goehringer, two engineers who wanted a better way to stay fit when traveling and working. They started working on a solution they would actually want to use daily themselves and combined their fitness obsessions and engineering expertises to perfect the design. Having developed nine prototypes of the device so far, they launched the SYWOS One device on Kickstarter on Aug. 15, with Early Bird pricing starting from €99.


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Source: SYWOS GmbH

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