FASTer Way to Fat Loss® is Premier Health and Fitness Program on the Market

The breakthrough online program has helped tens of thousands of women and men change their lives.

FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, the premier health, fitness, and weight loss program on the market today, has announced a milestone in the company’s 6-week online program. The company currently has over 20,000 people actively going through the program in the month of January. The program is designed to empower others to transform their lives through cutting-edge fitness and nutrition strategies.

Program developer and company owner, Amanda Tress, began the FASTer Way to Fat Loss three short years ago with 11 clients in the first program. Since then, close to 60,000 individuals have seen incredible results by taking advantage of Tress’s expertise.

“I am passionate about inspiring, empowering, and uplifting others to be the best they can be. I have trained clients for over 15 years on how to lose weight, learn how to exercise properly, gain confidence, and transform their lives for the better,” said Tress.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss incorporates some of the hottest trends on the market, including macronutrient tracking, carb cycling and intermittent fasting.

“The Faster Way To Fat Loss® combines key scientific nutrition and exercise strategies to boost overall health and wellness. By using intermittent fasting, carb cycling, whole food nutrition and pairing the appropriate exercise, clients are balancing blood sugar, hormones, decreasing inflammation and increasing their overall health,” said Ali Damron, Lac.

According to Tress, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is more than a weight loss solution, it’s a life transformation. Tress added, “In addition to the carbohydrate cycling, intermittent fasting and macronutrient tracking, the FASTer Way incorporates strategic workouts that maximize the effects of a well-paired nutrition plan. Participants report not only weight loss benefits, but also healthier lifestyles, lower blood sugars, lower cholesterol and better hormonal balance.”

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About Amanda Tress

Amanda Tress is a certified nutrition coach, strength and conditioning coach, and personal trainer. Amanda spent years in the gym working with people who were doing all the right things—without seeing results. Frustrated, she began experimenting with cutting-edge nutrition strategies and her clients immediately started to see a change. Amanda spent years fine-tuning these strategies to work together for optimal results. She has since worked with over 60,000 online clients.

Knowing she couldn’t possibly reach the masses alone, Amanda created the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Coach Certification Program. This program, approved by NASM and AFAA, certifies coaches who are then able to lead the six-week program.

Amanda believes in taking bold action to lead the way in a noisy industry. She runs her program and FWTFL Coach Community with excellence, generosity, and integrity and ultimately strives to exceed her clients’ expectations.

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