Fastener Testing Article From Laboratory Testing Inc. Published by American Fastener Journal

American Fastener Journal published an article from Laboratory Testing Inc. in the January/February 2016 issue entitled "Verifying Quality and Reliability with Fastener Testing". The article discusses the value of raw material and finished fastener testing in ensuring their safe and reliable use.

​An article entitled “Verifying Quality and Reliability with Fastener Testing” by Sharon M. Bentzley, Marketing Manager at Laboratory Testing Inc., was published in the January/February 2016 edition of American Fastener Journal magazine. The article discusses the importance of testing both the raw materials used to manufacture industrial fasteners and the finished fasteners themselves, in order to ensure their safety and reliability. A wide-range of test methods and the information obtained from the tests are presented.

Most industrial fasteners are covered by standards for materials, dimensions and tolerances. These standards stipulate the types of tests to be completed, which can be either destructive and/or non-destructive testing, and are available to perform the following:

·         assess material structure and composition

·         evaluate mechanical properties and corrosion resistance

·         verify feature dimensions

·         identify flaws or defects

In her article, Sharon writes about the most common types of fastener testing and how these services are used throughout the product life cycle by fastener manufacturers on through to the end user. Fastener testing helps ensure the dependability of fasteners, especially those that will be subjected to extreme wear, but can also be crucial in meeting supply chain requirements or resolving customer complaints. They can play an important role in selecting materials and evaluating production processes, as well as performing regular quality control checks on finished fasteners and researching problems.

Laboratory Testing is an independent materials testing lab specializing in destructive and nondestructive testing services. The Lab offers full-service capabilities for testing metals, but also provides some services for polymers. LTI’s engineers, chemists and technicians perform fastener testing according to a broad range of ASTM, SAE, ISO and NASM standards. Test results are documented in Certified Test Reports, which are oftentimes needed to meet quality requirements.

About Laboratory Testing Inc. -- Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) of Hatfield, PA is a family-owned independent testing and metrology laboratory in business since 1984. The laboratory offers materials testing and analysis services including mechanical, chemical, metallurgical and corrosion testing, nondestructive testing, root cause failure analysis, calibration services, dimensional inspection and test specimen machining. All test and inspection results are provided in certified reports. The laboratory specializes in metal and polymer testing, but also analyzes powdered metals, ores, ferroalloys, composites and ceramics. LTI is accredited by the PRI Nadcap program in materials and nondestructive testing and by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025 for mechanical, metallurgical and chemical testing, dimensional inspection and calibration services. LTI Metrology, a division of Laboratory Testing Inc., provides dimensional inspection services and NIST-traceable calibration services for measuring hand tools, masters and a wide-range of measuring instruments and equipment. On-site calibration, repairs, new instruments and replacement parts are offered. Information on Laboratory Testing services and accreditations is available at, or 800-219-9095.

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