Fashionable Technology: FXGear Introduces the Next-Generation Virtual Fitting Solution Using an Avatar

FXGear, a pioneer in computer graphics software and engineering, today announced the release of the virtual fitting solution using an avatar.  

FXMirror introduces seamless integration of the top-notch virtual fitting technology to brands and retailers which it instantly measures the body measurements of the customer standing in front of the display, and 3D clothing is fitted onto the body. It ultimately offers an innovative and interactive shopping experience for customers where they can save time and effort when trying on different clothes. With FXGear’s proprietary technology, thousands of apparel can be created into the 3D model within a short period of time for brands and retailers; which is the huge advantage of FXMirror. It enables customers to expose to and discover new outfits in a brief amount of time while providing a convenient and efficient fitting experience before customers make a purchase.

The main feature of the newly revealed FXMirror is that it uses a virtual avatar instead to try on clothes before purchasing. It maximizes immersive experience through an exciting, realistic virtual fitting service via a personalized interactive 3D avatar that reflects the facial expression and bodily movements of the user standing in front of the mirror in real-time.

The earlier FXMirror used AR technology to project virtual clothing onto the user. Therefore, the virtual apparel was projected onto the clothing worn by the user. In the recent version, however, the MR (Mixed-Reality) technology is used to create a virtual avatar of the actual user and render virtual apparel onto the avatar; which means the customer can check his/her appearance without interruption from the actual clothing the customer is wearing. In addition, it utilizes live motion tracking to read facial expressions and generates the personalized avatar by reflecting the user’s facial expressions, movements, and size information in real time. The system basically produces 1-on-1 matching of the avatar with the user.

Furthermore, the user can simulate various virtual hairstyles on the personalized avatar which adds another fun element to the fitting experience. Plus, if the user scans the QR code with a mobile app during the virtual fitting, the app will take the user to the website where the item and purchase details are in a few convenient steps.

Today, major IT companies around the world are introducing AR avatar and emoji services that are enabled by the recent advances in AR technology. FXMirror is expected to attract a lot of interest as a new MR technology permits the user to try on different clothes without any restrictions and purchase them through an interactive 3D avatar that realistically mimics the user’s facial expression and body motions in real time.

"FXMirror is an evolution of the original concept of customer service. Note, however, that it uses an avatar that resembles the customer to show how an outfit would look on the customer. The system ensures high customer satisfaction without being revulsive, and it can facilitate a natural, pleasant virtual fitting experience. Another phenomenal feature of FXMirror that we plan to introduce before the end of this year is the size simulation. This is a physically based simulation function that lets users visually check whether the S, M and L sizes of ready-made clothing fits his or her body well,” FXGear CEO Kwang-Jin Choi said.

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