Faro Health Inc. Appoints Patrick Leung as Chief Technology Officer

Faro Health Inc., the emerging leader in clinical trial development using AI to optimize protocol design and outcomes, is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Leung as Chief Technology Officer.

This appointment comes at a time of significant momentum for Faro Health as it continues to evolve its AI-based platform for optimal clinical trial design and document generation. Patrick is a native of New Zealand with degrees in Computer Science and Finance. Early in his career, he was a founding employee at one of the first e-commerce software vendors where he helped lead the company from pre-seed stage to IPO.

Later in his career, Patrick spent over a decade at Google leading Engineering teams in many groups, culminating in the launch of Google Duplex - a then-state-of-the-art AI system for conducting natural conversations to carry out real-world tasks over the phone. After Google, Patrick became CTO of Two Sigma Private Investments, one of the world's leading algorithmic hedge funds, where he pioneered the application of AI and alternative data to the private equity markets. Patrick’s leadership in the development of such major advances in the application of AI to real-world problems makes him the ideal choice to lead Faro Health’s technology and product efforts. In 2020, Patrick’s passion for service led him to co-found Earthshot Labs, an NSF-funded AI platform for tropical reforestation and conservation. At Faro, he continues this mission-driven theme by following the example of his father, a leading cardiothoracic surgeon, in assisting the lives of those in need by applying cutting-edge technology to clinical treatment.

“I am thrilled to join Faro on their mission to optimize clinical trials and to accelerate to market lifesaving care for patients,” said Patrick of his new role. “I am proud to be a part of a world-class team enabling the delivery of cutting-edge medication sooner and at lower prices to ensure access for all patients with chronic illnesses.”

About Faro Health

Faro Health redefines how clinical protocols are developed by connecting all the stakeholders in the clinical trials ecosystem, including sponsor and CRO ClinOps teams, research sites, vendors, patients, and laboratories through a single software platform. The Faro platform provides a best-in-class standardized library of study activities that has been augmented with performance-related real world data to provide intuitive insights during protocol development. Faro brings balance, centricity and flexibility to protocol development through detailed analysis of the impact of each study activity, ensuring teams have the optimum protocol design for operationally complex trials. As a result, clinical protocols developed using Faro’s Study Designer platform are operationally efficient in answering the right questions in the least burdensome way for patients, payers, and regulators. Sponsors, CROs, and researchers can learn more by visiting www.farohealth.com and requesting a consultation with a Faro solutions expert.

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Source: Faro Health Inc.