Farm to Vape Thinner 60ml Size

Farm to Vape LLC is proud to announce the release of their 60ml sized Thinner product.  Farm to Vape’s Thinner is widely regarded as the premier way to mix your own concentrates into a stable, effective, and flavorful eLiquid.   With the new 60ml sized bottle the Farm to Vape Line has become more flexible to accommodate the heaviest of users.  The 60ml size provides enough Thinner for people to make up to 30 (assuming a 2ml tank) different mixes for a variety of flavors and strengths.  Even the heaviest of users will have more than enough Thinner to satisfy their needs.

Farm to Vape Thinner was created specifically to allow users to mix their own essential oils and concentrates into the most stable eLiquid possible.  Designed from the ground up to allow even the most densely concentrated oils to be broken down on a molecular level that promotes true adhesion to the proprietary mix in the Farm to Vape Thinner.  This level of compatibility is what makes it the best way to ensure the true flavor and medicinal qualities of your oils stay intact.  Using only the highest grade NF and FCC Rated PEG’s, and adhering to the strict guidelines of an ISO9001 package and bottling facility, Thinner is a consistent/quality performer for all of your mixing needs.  As always Made in the USA.

Vape what you want, when you want, Farm to Vape.

Brendan Kennedy, President

The 60ml Thinner joins the rest of the Farm to Vape product line consisting of the 10ml Thinner bottle, and the Farm to Vape Thinner Kit. 

Farm to Vape products can be purchased directly from the Farm to Vape website.  Wholesale and Licensing opportunities are available.  For more information, contact Brendan Kennedy at 804-601-8432.

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Vape what you want, when you want, Farm to Vape.  

About Farm to Vape, LLC

Farm to Vape sells products that turns concentrates into eliquid.

Farm to Vape, LLC
2711 Buford Rd #303
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